help to make this code faster (array)



I'm writing a EA for strategy tester purpose only, to evaluate portfolio. So I have hundreads/thousands of trades in an array, with open price and open time, and every 1 minute bar I check in a for loop if there's any trade to open in that minute. And it's taking forever.

How can I check (in a faster way) if in an array there's a open-time that coincides with current time?


      datetime candleNowTime = candle[0].time;
      datetime nextCandleTime = candle[0].time+60;      

      for(int i=0;i<sizeAr/arColumns;i++)
         if(ar[i][openTime]>candleNowTime && ar[i][openTime]<nextCandleTime)
            //code to open trades