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Pentagram MT5


Automatic marking of the chart with Pentagram models.

This model is based on the Expansion Model from Adversa Tactics. Designed to determine the trend and predict possible levels and targets of price correction in the future.

The model describes a developing trend.

The trend is relevant until the price crosses the trend line of the model in the opposite direction.

Levels of rays of the pentagram, level of HP, distances of 100% and 200% of the distance between points 1-4, levels of HP are possible levels of correction or the end of the trend.

If the HP level is consistently reached, a rollback to t4, t5, the trend line followed by a breakout, successive achievement of the target levels tg1..tg5 is expected.


- = indicator = - - general

ChartType   - the way of building models - by Close or by High / Low (line chart or Japanese candlesticks)

MaxBarsToCalculate - history depth for markup by models

Select New Model - select   or not new models

Font size for price labels - font size for price labels at model levels

Font size for point labels - font size for numbering model points

--= Configure Alerts =--    Configure Alerts

Enable  Alerts  —  general switsh

Alert1..Alert5  —  select up to 5 diffirent events 

PopUp Alert  —  enable popup

Email Alert  —  enable email, required set up mail in the terminal

Push Notifications Alert  —  Allow replies to mobile terminals, requires allowance for Push messages in the terminal settings

Alert Sound  —  enable sound

- = Color Scheme = - - color scheme of models depending on the location in the trend

clrUpTrend - upward pattern from the beginning of the trend

clrDnTrend - a descending pattern from the beginning of a trend

clrUpCorrection - correctional model

clrDnCorrection - - // -

clrUpContinuation - continuation model

clrDnContinuation - - // -

- = Graph Options = - - display of levels

Always Show 100% 1-4 - 100% 1-4, the distance between points 1 and 4 of the model deferred from point 4

Show_Tg1_100 - 100% 1st target

showTg3 - goal 3

showTg4 - target 4

showTg5 - target 5

- = Control bars = - - display of control points

showLinkBar , showBreakLT , showLastBar, showPiclose - experimental points, disabled by default

Controlling the display and detail of  models

You can select the model of interest by clicking the left mouse button

1st click - the model is highlighted with bold lines

2nd click - display model details, price labels, control points

3rd click - deselect


S - hide / show models, except selected ones

> - highlight the next model

< - select the previous model

ESC - cancel all selections

レビュー 3
Dmitry Kavyrshin
Dmitry Kavyrshin 2021.12.24 16:39 


220072256 2021.11.12 18:04 

Fantastico indicatore!!! Io lo avevo gia questo indicatore su MT4.ma mancava su MT5 dove io faccio scalper abitualmente,adesso che c'e la versione per MT5 sono felicissimo, mi ha cambiato il mio modo di operare,in due giorni ho gia recuperato il prezzo dell'indicatore. Complimenti e grazie per questa opportunita' di trading.

BreakEven Line is a very useful and easy to use indicator. In case of multiple positions opened on the same instrument, the indicator shows the breakeven point. Its graphic simplicity makes it an unobtrusive and customizable tool. You can enable/disable a line on a chart, so you can make the indicator invisible. FREE Version: Break Even Line calculates ALL operations on same symbol Inputs Show Breakeven line (line on/off) Breakeven line color (to change the line color) Breakeven line
What Is an Expert Advisor? An expert advisor is a computer program that is designed to automate forex trading. There is a forex market open somewhere in the world 24 hours a day, five days a week. You can use an expert advisor or a trading tool called a "forex robot" to carry out trades in your absence. These tools enable you to make trades while you're working, asleep, or doing other things. Like other artificial intelligence platforms, they have some benefits and issues that you should
1 000 USD
Индикатор, показывающий моменты пересечения важных уровней индикатора RSI. Может быть использован для поиска моментов пересечения уровней для успешной торговли на отскок или по тренду. Подходит для бинарной торговли, т.к. имеется возможность посчитать точность сигналов, в зависимости от времени экспирации. Входные параметры Inform about finding the signal  - параметр, отвечающий за получение уведомлений (Alert) о найденном сигнале. По умолчанию - да Show Panel - Показать/ скрыть панель Period
30 USD
The indicator takes very large price movements,you can trade on any instruments and on any timeframe,you can enter immediately when a signal appears or wait for a consolidation and enter on the next candle,the line can flash on the first candle this is done so that you can make a decision earlier.I am not ashamed of this indicator,run it in the tester and see what movements it takes.Have a good trade.After the purchase, I will give detailed instructions.
1 250 USD
The utility helps open a deal with a stop loss that does not exceed the specified amount, or to refrain from it altogether. That is, it determines the number of lots to open the deal so that the stop loss is as close as possible to the specified amount in USD without exceeding it. For example, it will be indispensable when trading according to the Gerchik strategy. That is, when trading based on risks, with a fixed risk and a fixed take profit relative to stop loss. For example, if you always op
30 USD
Trade Receiver Free MT5 is a free tool to copy trades/signals from multiple MT4/MT5 accounts. The provider account must use copier to send the signal. This version can be used on MT5 accounts only. For MT4 accounts, you must use Trade Receiver Free. Reference: For MT4 local provider, please check Auto Trade Copier at: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/4676 For MT4 remote provider, please check Trade Copier Pro at: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/5412 For MT5 local provider, please ch
作業ロジック ストップアウトユーティリティは、ストップアウトレベルまで残っているポイント数を示すシンプルですが非常に便利なインジケーターです。 その利点は、多くのトレーダーが利益を追求して取引する際のリスクを故意に過大評価し、利用可能なマージンを最大限に使用するという事実にあります。この場合、ブローカーがあなたのポジションを強制的に閉じることができる場所を知ることは非常に重要です。 チャートにインジケーターを配置するだけで、買いまたは売りのオープンポジションに応じて、チャート上にこの取引の価格の境界マークが表示されます。 ポジションを開くまで、ラインはチャートに表示されません。 チャートに線が表示されない場合、これはユーティリティが機能しないことを意味するものではなく、おそらく取引のリスクが最小限であり、預金が大きい場合は、ストップアウトラインをはるかに高く探す必要があります/現在のリスクではストップアウトから遠く離れているため、トレードよりも低くなります。 ご不明な点がございましたら、ディスカッションセクションにご記入ください。幸せな取引。  変数
The indicator allows determining the strength and direction of the trend precisely. The histogram displayed in a separate window shows changes of the slope of the regression line. A signal for entering a deal is crossing the zero line and/or a divergence. The indicator is also useful for wave analysis. Input Parameters: Period - period of calculation, 24 on default; CalculatedBar - number of bars for displaying a divergence, 300 on default; AngleTreshold - slope at which a flat is displayed, 6.0
30 USD
FXC iMACD-DivergencE MT5 Indicator This is an advanced MACD indicator that finds trend-turn divergences on the current symbol. The indicator detects divergence between the MACD and the price movements as a strong trend-turn pattern. Main features: Advanced divergence settings Price based on Close, Open or High/Low prices Give Buy/Sell open signals PUSH notifications E-mail sending Pop-up alert Customizeable Information panel Input parameters: MACD Fast-EMA: The Fast-EMA variable of the MACD
69 USD
OHLC マグネットは、水平線、長方形、価格ラベルに欠落しているマグネットポイントを追加します。 あなたはこのユーティリティが好きなら、とコメントを評価してください。 指示: 前述のオブジェクトの1つを、ピクセルの近接範囲内の目的の始値、高値、安値、または終値にドラッグするだけで、選択した正確な価格ポイントにオブジェクトが自動的にアタッチされます。 パラメーター: 近接 (ピクセル): その特定の価格ポイントに接続するためのユーティリティの始値/高値/安値/終値をマウスカーソルがどの程度閉じるかをピクセル単位で指定します。デフォルトは10です。 価格ラベルを自動調整する: 価格ラベルを左側 (左の価格ラベルの場合) または右 (価格ラベルの場合) に自動的に調整します。既定値は有効です。
The indicator identifies two most important patterns of technical analysis - Pin Bar and Engulfing. MT4-version:    https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/53591 Settings: Mincandle size for PinBar   - The minimum size of the Pin-Bar candlestick; Percentage of candle body on size   - The percentage of the candle body in relation to its length; PinBar Alert   - Alert when a Pin-Bar is detected; PinBar Mail   - Sends an email when a Pin Bar is found; PinBar Notification   - Sends a push notificati
35 USD
We don’t want to become boring, but the US dollar is the most important currency for all traders, and not just in Forex. Trading without a clear view of the US dollar is like driving in fog. Sooner or later you are going to crash – it’s just a question of when. That’s why at Quantum we have developed two US dollar indices. The first is the Quantum DXY, and the second is the Quantum USDX. So what’s the difference? Well, the reason we created the Quantum USDX is that many Forex traders believe tha
37 USD
The principle of this indicator is very simple: detecting the trend with Moving Average, then monitoring the return point of graph by using the crossing of Stochastic Oscillator and finally predicting BUY and SELL signal with arrows, alerts and notifications. The parameters are fixed and automatically calculated on each time frame. Example: If you install indicator on EURUSD, timeframe M5: the indicator will detect the main trend with the Moving Average on this timeframe (for example the Moving
135 USD
Doji Engulfing Paths enables to get signals and data about the doji and the engulfing patterns on charts. It makes it possible to get opportunities from trends, and to follow the directional moves to get some profits on the forex and stocks markets. It is a good advantage to take all the appearing opportunities with reversal signals and direct signals in order to obtain some profits on the forex market. With the demo version, only the signals starting with the 20th candle or bar are available.
This indicator helps to visualize the SAR status of 28 pairs. With the feature of color panel, alert, and notification features, user can catch the potential buy and sell opportunities when the 28 main pairs’ SAR dots are switching between the above/below of candles on one Dashboard quickly. Dashboard SAR is an intuitive and handy graphic tool to help you to monitor all 28 pairs and provide trading signals based on the SAR Rules (SAR dots are switching between the above/below of candles). Colo
50 USD
This indicator will mark the impulses on the chart, you can use it in Elliott Wave theory or trade according to the trend. An impulse wave pattern is a technical trading term that describes a strong move in a financial asset's price coinciding with the main direction of the underlying trend. It is used frequently in discussion of the  Elliott Wave theory , a method for analyzing and predicting financial market price movements. Impulse waves can refer to upward movements in uptrends or downward m
50 USD
Coppock — is an implementation of the famous Coppock curve indicator first created by Edward Coppock in 1962. The indicator shows long-term buy and sell opportunities (classically, it's used for only buying) by measuring the weighted moving average (with a period of 10) of the sum of two rates of change (with a period of 14 and 11). It's the classical version. In this MetaTrader version, you can modify the parameters of the basic indicators. Input parameters: ROC1Period   (default = 14) — the p
30 USD
This is a moving average crossover using two Hull Moving averages. It can change colour on slope, on the crossover or if the price is above/below the moving averages. Use the crossover as signals for entering a trade in the long or short direction. The Hull Moving Average (HMA), developed by Alan Hull, is an very fast and smooth moving average. It has very little lag, and follows the price closely. Parameters: Parameter  Default value  Options  Fast Hull MA period   30  Any number of bars Fast
30 USD
Night Vision Scalper EA is a scalping system for working in a calm market at night. Does not use martingale or grid. Suitable for all brokers, including American brokers with FIFO rules. All orders are accompanied by a virtual stop loss and take profit in pips, the values can be either fixed or dynamic. It also has a virtual trailing stop and breakeven. The chart displays information on the speed of order execution and slippage. Min deposit: 100$ Recommend ECN broker with LOW
99 USD
Easy Order Send help you to put your order on the chart using shortcuts keys like (SHIFT or CTRL).  To send a order, hold CTRL or SHIFT and press left click mouse. It's a Beta version with features below: 1 - Send Buy and Sell order with SHIFT AND CTRL 2 - Cancel Button to your order 3 - Cancel Button to your position 4 - Move your order 5 - Monitor your Profit after trade on.
The Weis Waves RSJ Indicator sums up volumes in each wave. This is how we receive a bar chart of cumulative volumes of alternating waves. Namely the cumulative volume makes the Weis wave charts unique. It allows comparing the relation of the wave sequence characteristics, such as correspondence of the applied force (expressed in the volume) and received result (the price progress). If you still have questions, please contact me by direct message:  https://www.mql5.com/en/users/robsjunqueira/
The utility helps open a deal with a stop loss that does not exceed the specified amount, or to refrain from it altogether. That is, it determines the number of lots to open the deal so that the stop loss is as close as possible to the specified amount in USD without exceeding it. For example, it will be indispensable when trading according to the Gerchik strategy. That is, when trading based on risks, with a fixed risk and a fixed take profit relative to stop loss. For example, if you always op
スクリプトは、1つのストップロスと5つの異なるテイクプロフィットで5つの売り注文を開きます。 そして、4つの指値注文(販売)を行います。 デフォルトでは、次のパラメータが設定されています。 すべての未処理の注文の損失を停止-120ピップ 1注文で利益を得る(ロット0.1)-30ピップ 他の4つの注文(ロット0.04)で利益を取ります-50、90、140、200ピップ。 指値注文のストップロスは、現在の価格(注文時)から135-140ピップスです。 各指値注文の距離は20ピップです。 マイクロマーチンゲールを使用したロットサイズ-0.04、0.05、0.06、0.08。 指値注文の場合、自動削除は2日後に設定されます。 募集中のポジションをサポートするには、このアドバイザーを使用できますhttps://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/56278 開始する前に、独自のパラメーターまたはパラメーターを設定するためのウィンドウを使用してスクリプトを注文できます。 個人的には、パラメータ確認ウィンドウなしでスクリプトを実行すると便利だと思い
The indicator displays the price movement in the form of a zigzag based on the AO indicator values. If the histogram is growing, the zigzag moves upward; if the histogram is falling, the zigzag moves downward. The indicator also displays: Support and resistance levels based on the last zigzag turning points. An uncompleted indicator movement is drawn in a different color. The indicator draws a Fibonacci grid based on the last completed zigzag movement. Parameters i_show_ActiveWave - show the l
10 USD
The indicator displays a stock chart of a non-standard type, in which the price and time have the same value. The usual chart of Japanese candlesticks does not take into account all the information that the time analysis can give. Renko charts do not use all the information that price can give in relation to time. The "Chart Price and Time" indicator takes into account price and time equally and shows the predominance of price or time. Taking into account price and time equally gives an i
95 USD
Investment Castle Engulfing
Ahmed Alaaeldin Abdulrahman Ahmed Elherzawi
Whether you are a scalper or daily trader, you will always look for bullish / bearish engulfing candles. This can be a bit tricky and stressful when you try to visually identify the engulfing candles on the chart. Not only that, you might be trading on the M15 time frame but the engulfing candle is forming or has already formed in the H4 time frame. This indicator is made to do that on your behalf. You can trade on any time frame and see Engulfing candles of another time frame, this means that
30 USD
Pivot MTF
Mohamad Zulhairi Baba
4 (5)
Daily pivot are relatively important in trading. This indicator have options to select 5 commonly use pivot point calculations. User input Choose Pivot Point Calculation (Method Classic, Method Camarilla, Method TomDeMark, Method Fibonacci or Method Woodies.) Choose Applied Timeframe for the calculation (M5, M15, H1, H4, D1, W1 etc) Can be attached to any timeframe Choose color of Pivot point Note: For MT4, please refer here :  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/22280
Goliath Mt5
Nicolokondwani Biscaldi
Goliath MT5 - scalper fully automated Expert Advisor for medium-volatile forex markets P roperties: The Library trades 10 currency pairs (USDCHF, EURCHF, EURGBP, AUDUSD, USDCAD, GBPUSD, EURUSD, NZDUSD, CADCHF, EURAUD, EURCAD, AUDJPY) The Library does not use martingale The Library sets a fixed stop loss and take profit for all orders The Library only trades a user input volume The Library can be installed on any currency pair and any timeframe Recommendations: Before using on a real account,
819.99 USD
Soewono Effendi
You can now easily provide WEBSOCKET connection to javascript to your MT terminal. An easy to use websocket server library for MQL5. It supports: ws:// and wss:// (secure websocket) text and binary data automatic ping-pong handling on protocol level (keep-alive protocol hand shake) automatic fragmented message handling on protocol level (large data transfer enabled) ================================================== ATTENTION:  PLEASE CONTACT SELLER BEFORE PURCHASE. Due to the nature of t
50 USD
This indicator is based on a classic  DeMarker indicator. Multi TimeFrame indicator MTF-DeMarker shows data from the 4 timeframes by your choice. By default this indicator has external parameters: TF1 = 1; TimeFrame2b = true; TF2 = 5; TimeFrame3b = true; TF3 = 15; TimeFrame4b = true; TF4 = 60; InpPeriod = 14; You can change TF1-TF4 in the next limits: TF1 from M1 (1) to H4 (240) TF2 from M5 (5) to D1 (1440) TF3 from M15 (15) to W1 (10080) TF4 from M30 (30) to MN1 (43200) All chosen TFs should be
50 USD
5 (5)
流動性と移動平均に依存する指標>これにより、正しい意思決定の98%が売買されます。そして取引を閉じる時間。 価格は時々上昇します>そして最初のEAがいつ起動するかはこの指標に依存して2k以上になります。 1-いつ買いポジションまたは売りポジションをオープンするか(2本の線Xのクロスに依存し、ポイント計算は選択したフレームに依存します) (十字架は色付きの領域の外側にある必要があります)ろうそくは十字架の間または(1番目または2番目から5番目まで)十字架に触れなければなりません 十字架の下で最後の状態が直接確認されたときにカウントされたポイント(スクリーンショット付きの表を参照してください。プラスツールを使用して面積をカウントします) 2-次のエリアの外側の黄色い線の開始カーブがポジションを閉じるためのシグナルである場合 3-フレームで動作します(1m 5m 10m 15m 30m 1h 4h毎日および毎月)(すべてのペア>およびすべての商品)メジャー推奨 4-ゲインの..(55%)を獲得した後にトレイルストップを置く 5-1000 $スタックの取引ごとに推奨ロット0.01 異なるペア
399 USD
Weis Wave with Alert MT5
Panagiotis Diamantopoulos
5 (10)
** NEW PLUTUS SIGNALS and ALL IN ONE ** Plutus Long and Short trading signals added (for more info visit    http://www.tradethevolumewaves.com )   Different Wave Types,  choose what your cumulative Histogram diplays: Volume, Pips, Progressive Volume Rate, Time or Emphasized Volume Waves  ** IF YOU PURCHASE DO NOT FORGET TO CONTACT ME BECAUSE THERE IS MORE: Two Hrs Webinar + Training Room + Trade with the SI Traders, all free for now.  Free, two hour, one to one webinar covering setup , methodol
499 USD
My official Website Order Block Indicator MT5 Order Block Indicator MT5 is currently the most accurate and customizable indicator on the market. It has been developed to facilitate the analysis of operations based on Order Blocks and Supply and Demand Zones. These zones are possible reversal points of a movement. Order Block Indicator MT5 highlights active order blocks of up to 4 TFs simultaneously. At the same time, Order Block Indicator MT5 provides a visual alert system that allows you to re
450 USD
[ How to use the Demo version ]  [ MT4 Version ] [ My official Website ] AO unpaid divergences MT5 - Goldenlifestyle AO unpaid divergences is the first indicator developed to detailed analyze Regular and Hidden Divergences. It uses this analysis to find out possible entry points and targets. Below some of the characteristics of this indicator:  Time saving Highly customizable Working for all pairs (Crypto, Forex, Stocks, Indices, Commodities...) Suitable for Scalping or Swing trading Possible re
450 USD
VTrende Pro - MTF indicator for trend trading with a display panel for MT5 *** Videos can be translated into any language using subtitles (video language - Russian) Although the signals of the VTrende Pro indicator can be used as signals of a full-fledged trading system, it is recommended to use them in conjunction with the Bill Williams TS. VTrende Pro is an extended version of the VTrende indicator. Difference between Pro version and VTrende: - Time zones - Signal V - signal 1-2 waves
697 USD
DYJ TRADINGVIEWはマルチインジケーターレーティングシステムであり、レーティングシグナルカウントと分析ツールを使用して、グローバル市場への参入機会を見つけます DYJ TRADINGVIEWには、市場分析用の10の組み込みインジケーターがあります。 指標ベースの分析は、多くのトレーダーがどの取引を行うか、どこで取引を開始および終了するかを決定するのに役立つために使用されます。 互いに補完し合うことができるいくつかの異なるタイプを使用します。 あなたの市場をフォローするために私たちを使用してください、あなたはより正確な取引を見つけることができます。 格付けに参加しているトレンド指標には、DYJ POWERSIGNAL、ADX、SMA、ボリンジャーバンドが含まれます。 格付けに参加しているオシレーターには、MACD、RSI、ストキャスティクス、アリゲーターが含まれます。 シグナルの数が3以上のときにシグナルを売買する同じ方向を示す3つのインジケーターがある場合、市場取引を開始します。 Input [GENERAL] ViewName       
325 USD
プレミアムレベルは、正しい予測の精度が80%を超える独自の指標です。 この指標は、最高のトレーディングスペシャリストによって2か月以上テストされています。 あなたが他のどこにも見つけられない作者の指標! スクリーンショットから、このツールの正確さを自分で確認できます。 1は、1キャンドルの有効期限を持つバイナリーオプションの取引に最適です。 2はすべての通貨ペア、株式、商品、暗号通貨で機能します 手順: 赤い矢印が表示されたらすぐにダウントレードを開き、青い矢印が表示されたら閉じます。青い矢印の後に開くこともできます。 試してテストしてください!推奨設定はデフォルトです! 日足チャートで最高の精度を示します! インディケータは、2600 Pipsの収益性に対して、約10Pipsという非常に小さなマージンを使用します。
1 100 USD
INDICATOR ONLY for Binary Options of BITCOIN NO REPAINT ARROWS. Time work: 24h/24 TIME FRAME CHART: 5,10 AND 15 MINUTES GRAPH (IT IS ALSO POSSIBLE TO TRADE ON 1 OR 2 MINUTES CHARTS BUT THE OPERATION IS MUCH MORE RISKY) BINARY OPTION: closing of the current candle or expiry equal to the timeframe selected on the chart (5 MINUTES GRAPH = 5 MINUTES EXPIRY BINARY OPTIONS).   the indicator is SPECIFICALLY designed for bitcoin binary options. at the bottom there is a list of brokers who offer this spe
499 USD
El Super Suavizador Inteligente es la culminación de la evolución de los suavizadores en funcion del precio, funciona en todos los pares de divisas, es fácil de usar, y puedes usarlo varias veces en un mismo par, afin de darte una idea de hacia donde va el precio, muy util para ver la tendencia a largo plazo. El SSI trata siempre de formar ondas de subidas y bajadas a fin de poder mostrar el máximo y/o mínimo de la tendencia del precio.
5 000 USD
The BinaryLuck indicator is a powerful indicator for trading binary options with any expiration times. This indicator will be especially useful for trading short-term binary options with an expiration time of 30-60 seconds. This is a complete ready, self-contained trading system. The indicator predicts the maximum High and minimum Low for the current candle. Then it calculates the path the price has passed on the current candle as a percentage of the predicted High/Low range ( Range of candles )
777 USD
Fibonacci Golden Zone
Francisco Rafael Figueroa Maya
The Fibonacci Retracements Tool at StockCharts shows four common retracements: 23.6%, 38.2%, 50%, and 61.8%. ... Even though deeper, the 61.8% retracement can be referred to as the golden retracement. It is, after all, based on the Golden Ratio. Please see this link to apply the strategy correctly and install the indicator: https://forex-station.com/download/file.php?id=3320413#:~:text=Rule%20%231%20Find%20the%20dominant,Rule%20%235%20Sell%20once%20we For the additional and complementary indicat
540 USD
ToolBox 360 is the swiss knife of all indicators. It is full packed with useful tools to help you with your trading. It can be used to find best entry and exit points and help you to decide if you should open a trade or not. It shows market trends, candlestick formations outside / inside bars and you can sett time based allerts. Main features: Time based Fibonacci lines Choose a start and end time and the indicator shows you Fibonacci lines within the selected time range including range high
399 USD
INDICATOR for Binary options. NO REPAINT ARROWS. Time work: 7.00/19.00 UTC TIME TIME FRAME CHART: ALL from 5 minutes the expiration of the trade is equal to 1 candle. therefore, with a 5-minute chart, the expiry of the option will be 5 minutes. with a 15-minute chart, the expiry of the option will be 15 minutes, etc. if the option expires out of the money, only 1 repayment of the same duration is allowed on the next candle. do not make further returns. if the option expires out of the money, and
499 USD
MT5. Определяет торговые каналы   и флет  актуальные на текущий момент. Принцип построения канала основан на волновой теории поведения цены. Индивидуальная разработка. Канал можно рассматривать как тренд. С закрашенным фоном это основные импульсные каналы. Коррекционные каналы без фона. Границы пробитых каналов выделены трендовыми линиями. Они будут являться линиями поддержки и сопротивления.   Это не стандартные каналы. Они вычисляются по новому принципу. В алгоритм заложена закономерность пове
5 200 USD
Micro  ******************* Секундные графики MT5 ********************** Секундный график на порядок увеличит точность ваших входов и выходов. Секундный период , в привычном формате,   позволит увидеть то, что ранее было скрыто. Бесплатные индикаторы, дополнят визуальную картину, что, в совокупности выведет вашу торговлю на новый уровень. Идеально подходит как скальперам, так и трейдерам торгующим внутри дня.  Входные параметры: Timeframe, sek - период построения графика, секунды Displa
320 USD
Bandas de Bollinger para trading por correlação em Forex. __________________________________________________ Mas o que é correlação? "Em  probabilidade  e  estatística ,  correlação , dependência ou associação é qualquer relação estatística ( causal  ou não causal) entre duas  variáveis [1]  e correlação é qualquer relação dentro de uma ampla classe de relações estatísticas que envolva dependência entre duas variáveis. [2]  Por exemplo, a correlação entre a estatura dos pais e a estatura dos pai
480 USD
Trend Expert
Alexander Sovpel
3.67 (3)
TrendExpert indicator - predicts a rise or fall in prices and generates accurate BUY and SELL trade signals. Download  TrendExpert now to see it's profitable signals on real charts! This indicator was developed by a team of professional traders. The algorithm is based on the Dow Jones theory , which analyzes prices in financial markets and has proven its profitability. The TrendExpert indicator is designed to accurately predict future price changes of any trading instrument, on any timefr
1 049 USD
The Smooth Price technical indicator is used for plotting a smoothed line as close to the price of the financial instrument as possible, and serves to eliminate its noise components. The indicator is part of the Monarch trading system, but here it is presented as an independent technical analysis tool. The indicator is based on the cluster digital filter , which, unlike the ClusterSMA , is applied directly to the price time series. Smooth Price does not redraw (except the very last, zero bar) an
999 USD
Andrey Spiridonov
1 (1)
BinaryWizard is a powerful indicator for trading short-term binary options. In fact, this is a ready-made trading system. The indicator calculates the reference point and a short-term support and resistance levels. After the current price crosses the resistance level, a sell signal is formed (SIGNAL: SELL). Similarly, after the price crosses the support line, a buy signal is activated (SIGNAL: BUY). Parameters x1, y1 - binding coordinates of the indicator window to the upper left chart corner.
490 USD
Nostradamus is a powerful indicator from the set of professional trader. The indicator is based on Andrei Spiridonov's original price calculation method (ESTIMATED PRICE) for the current candle price. Advantages of the indicator The indicator does not redraw. It works on any timeframes. Works with any trading instruments. Perfectly suitable for scalping and trading binary options. Parameters ESTIMATED PRICE - indicator line color. Color - color of the ESTIMATED PRICE FUTURE line. How to wo
1 800 USD
Currency Index Watcher is a simple and user-friendly tool for whoever wish to trade Forex using currencies indexes. Currency Index Watcher is configurable and usable directly from the panel. Indexes of 8 custom currencies EUR, USD, GBP, JPY, CHF, AUD, CAD, NZD (default) Any 3-chars symbol from your market watch could be used (BTC = bitcoin, RUB = ruble, CNH = yuan etc ...) : double click the symbol label  Ability to select which currencies and made-of pairs will be analyzed : check/uncheck want
360 USD
The SmartTrendMt5 trend indicator generates signals based on the principle of combined analysis of calculated reference points within the Keltner channel. The indicator plots the Keltner channel in a separate window (by default, red lines and a blue line - the middle of the channel), and also draws the histogram of calculated reference points for each candle (by default, the histogram bars are yellow). The should be attached to a chart of any timeframe and any trading symbol in the usual way.
450 USD
The BinaryFiestaMt5 indicator has been developed and adapted specifically for trading short-term binary options. The algorithm of the indicator analyzes numerous factors before generating a signal. The indicator is installed in the conventional way. The indicator consists of an information window, which displays the name of the trading instrument, support and resistance levels, and the signal itself ( BUY , SELL or WAIT ). A signal is accompanied by a sound and a pop-up Alert. Advantages of th
1 200 USD
- Trading Guide PowerBase But how do I use this indicator in the daily trading of Heikin Ashi traders?  Here are some answers and recommendations that can help you improve or create a trading system -  strategy:   Stop Loss. A very useful method to reduce the risk of a transaction is to set the stop loss even behind the last Heikin Ashi bar, assuming that if the next bar is touched the initial signal is invalidated and it is best to close with a limited loss than to you hope the market returns t
1 000 USD
Forex Relative Performance indicator This indicator calculates the relative strength of major currencies against the US dollar. The basic idea behind this indicator is "to buy strong currency and to sell weak currency". This indicator allows you to quickly identify the best forex pair to trade according to your trading style (Intraday, Scalping, Swing, or Long Term)
324 USD
Indicador en base a la pendiente de la linea de precio, dibuja una línea de color cuando sube a base de los precios que previamente has sido procesados o linealizados, y cuando baja la pendiente la linea linealizada toma otro color. En este caso se a considerado 6 lineas de diferentes procesos desde pendientes largas hacia las cortas, observándose que cuando coincidan las pendientes se produce un máximo o mínimo, lo que a simple vista nos permitirá hacer una COMPRA O VENTA.
1 000 USD
Dial indicator based on one ADX indicator. Gives buy and sell signals when DI + and DI - lines intersect. The indicator works on all timeframes and currency pairs. In the premium version the signals are filtered, they are less, but they are more reliable. There are settings of the indicator period, you can experiment. ADXPeriod=14 - The period of the indicator. The indicator gives high-quality buy and sell signals, suitable for intraday trading.
3 000 USD
A scalping indicator based on mathematical patterns, which on average gives signals with relatively small SL, and also occasionally helps to catch big moves in the markets (more information in the video) This indicator has three main types of notifications: The first type warns of a possible/upcoming signal on the next bar The second type indicates the presence of a ready signal to enter the market/open a position The third type is for SL and TP levels - you will be notified every time price r
1 350 USD
Индикатор Coefficient Of Determination (COD) представляет собой значение коэффициента детерминации или квадрат коэффициента корреляции между зависимой переменной — ценой и объясняющей переменной — тиковым объемом. Что это дает нам на практике? COD отлично распознает кульминацию трендовых движений, что позволяет подбирать оптимальные точки и ловить развороты рынка. Как использовать индикатор: Наиболее популярная торговая стратегия строится совместно с трендовым индикатором Moving Average (MA), пе
600 USD
Fibonacci Múltiple 12, utiliza la serie fibonacci plasmado en el indicador fibonacci, aumentadolo 12 veces según su secuencia. El indicador fibonacci normalmente muestra una vez, el presente indicador se mostrara 12 veces empezando el numero que le indique siguiendo la secuencia. Se puede utilizar para ver la tendencia en periodos cortos y largos, de minutos a meses, solo aumentado el numero MULTIPLICA.
1 000 USD
The pentagram is a geometric construction based on 4 control points. Model describes the trend and calculates the expected targets of price movement in the future. These are the assumed levels of correction, trend end or trend reversal. In case of breakdown and fixing of prices behind the level, further development of the trend is expected You can use the calculated levels when building your own trading scenarios for taking profit or for append to a position, depending on your trading strateg
Automatic marking of the chart with Pentagram models. This model is based on the Expansion Model from Adversa Tactics. Designed to determine the trend and predict possible levels and targets of price correction in the future. The model describes a developing trend. The trend is relevant until the price crosses the trend line of the model in the opposite direction. Levels of rays of the pentagram, level of HP, distances of 100% and 200% of the distance between points 1-4, levels of HP are possibl
300 USD
The indicator generates a RangeBar Chart based on the ticks received in real time. The history data is generated from the chart to which the indicator is attached. All the candlesticks are of a fixed size from a High to a Low. Unlike Renko, candlesticks may have a wicks that does not exceed the expected range, and the body of the candlestick can be less than or equal to this range. When the price breaks the range of a single candlestick, the indicator generates a series of dummy candlesticks to
30 USD
The indicator generates a chart of bars with a fixed tick volume in a given range from 1 tick, coming in real time. The history is generated from the data of the chart the indicator is attached to. Parameters Ticks - candle volume TickChart Timeframe - period of the output chart, It can be any period, not matching the standard periods Working with the indicator Simply move the indicator to the source chart, enter the desired bar volume and press the button. The chart will be opened in a new
30 USD
Dmitry Kavyrshin
Dmitry Kavyrshin 2021.12.24 16:39 


NeoPad 2021.11.20 12:45 

Бесподобно, для тех кто понимает! Спасибо за проделанную работу!

220072256 2021.11.12 18:04 

Fantastico indicatore!!! Io lo avevo gia questo indicatore su MT4.ma mancava su MT5 dove io faccio scalper abitualmente,adesso che c'e la versione per MT5 sono felicissimo, mi ha cambiato il mio modo di operare,in due giorni ho gia recuperato il prezzo dell'indicatore. Complimenti e grazie per questa opportunita' di trading.

Andrey Ziablytsev
開発者からの返信 Andrey Ziablytsev 2021.11.13 09:39
バージョン 2.60 2022.01.22
Fixed problems with drawing negative price values, such points are necessary for the correct display of the lines and levels of the model.

Added alerts of your choice - sound, message, push notification to the terminal, letter, for events such as the formation of a new model, the achievement of key model levels by the price.