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LCF Theta Vector

LCF Theta Vector is mid/long term return EA based on custom variation of RSI indicator in assistance of vector algorithm and built-in AUTO_OPTIMIZER module that allows for dynamic adaptation to current market conditions (no user calibration needed) - the specific result is chosen on the basis of several different coefficients. EA can be run on different symbols and timeframes but for reducing demand on computing power, internal parameters are narrowed and it is highly recommended to run it on this pairs and time frames with recommended settings:

Symbol TF SL LVL
XAUUSD H1 4400 12
EURUSD H1 230 12
USDJPY H1 150 10
XAGUSD H1 190 15

Default parameters are dedicated for EURUSD symbol at H1 time frame.

Signal - demo account without orders restrictions

Implemented Modules:

  • AUTO_OPTIMIZER - takes a piece of the market, then it makes from hundreds to even thousands of simulations with various parameters combinations, results are being further calculated and best result is applied for next period. For each symbol which is susceptible to used method, usable variants are narrowed to increase work speed and prevent from price anomalies. Some variants must be excluded for some symbols, becouse even if they have good results in simulation they don't have good performance in next period of time.
  • AUTO_LOT - auto-calculation of LOT value based on Stop Loss points (even if Stop Loss=false), Base/Account currency ratio and Auto LOT risk % values according to actual account balance. In most cases EA automatically obtain or calculate  Base/Account currency ratio value. Otherwise it returns alert and value should be inserted manually (exchange ratio between margin and account currencies).
  • FLC
  • DTSL


  • Hedging account;
  • Recommended initial capital 1000+ USD (if minimum LOT=0.01) and 10000+ USD (if minimum LOT= 0.1) for each pair;
  • About 2000 bars of history on chart;
  • In some cases patience of the user (on XAGUSD there is average 8 trades per month).


Main parameters:
  • Stop Loss - if true, use classic stop loss (required to enable additional stoploss mechanics).
  • Stop Loss points - initial stop loss value in points* (Stop Loss Dependencies).
  • Auto LOT calculation - if true, use AUTO_LOT module.
  • Auto LOT risk % - maximum risk per trade in percentage of current account balance (recommended range: 1-3).
  • Fixed LOT - fixed LOT value (if AUTO_LOT=false).
  • Max LVL - max number of subsequent orders (separately for buy and sell, recommended range: 5-15).
  • Buy order MAGIC - unique number for buy orders.
  • Sell order MAGIC - unique number for sell orders.
  • Symbol (pair) category - set "Supported" if it will be used on supported pairs, otherwise set "Unsupported".
  • ISF key - key for IS filter used in optimization process (necessary for supported pairs).

Additional parameters:

  • Order Slippage - standard slippage value for order requests in points*.
  • VOC system:
    • if true, in state (R/0) EA will not open additional orders.
    • if false, in state (R/0) EA will use last known good result to open next orders.
  • FLC system - floating level control (requiers Stop Loss=true)
  • FLC.LVL - last known LVL value (returned be EA in deinitialization process, otherwise same as Max LVL value)
  • FLC.F1 - FLC factor 1 value (double above 1)
  • FLC.F2 - FLC factor 2 value (double above 2)
  • Stop Loss Breakeven - if true, use standard break-even mechanic (according to SL_POINTS value).
  • Trailing Stop Loss - if true, use standard trailing stop loss mechanic (accoirding to TSL_POINTS value).
  • Trailing Stop Loss points - trailing stop loss value in points*.
  • DTSL module - if true, use DTSL mechanics (according to DTSL_POINTS value).
  • DTSL points - DTSL take profit value in points*.
  • Margin / Account currency ratio - exchange rate between "margin_currency" from symbol specification and account currency (should be obtained automatically).
  • Order comment - comment for orders.
  • Check Symbol Balance - if true, enables summary profit or loss on this symbol in information panel (default false)

Interface parameters:

  • Interface Y-axis shift - shift of interface on Y axis

Recommended setting files

* points means smallest possible value change (see MQL4 language specification)

Josef Aigner
Josef Aigner 2020.02.01 10:41 

Time for my feedback. I have purchased LCF Theta Vector in September 2018. After testing on demo and liveaccounts I can say, this is one of the most impressive products I have found on mql5. It uses a professional money management system (risk in % per trade) and shows good tp/sl ratio. But the biggest benefit is the self adaption to the market. When other EA's will fail in the future (because almost all of the are overoptimized on data's from the past), this ea 'makes his own optimizations'. Sure, no ea is risk free. You see the authors Demo signal what got a huge drawdown in 01/19. The risk was set to high while a Flashcrash of Yen has happened. This was with an older version by the way. After one year, the drawdown is recovered fully.

My advise is to set a risk not more than 1%. Its high enough.

I prefer EA's what makes steady profits with low risk. If it makes 50% a year, I'll very happy. This ea is what I have been looking for.

Yes, the author is not responsive over longer periods of time. But he always came back after months and updated LCF to make it more adaptive for the future.

Thank you!

Jiaming Bao
Jiaming Bao 2019.06.04 05:11 

请问是否有最新的参数设置 我用的是9.7 版本设置用的是最早的905的效果很好 但是还是想问问有没有9.7版本的设置

Gustavo Da Moser
Gustavo Da Moser 2019.05.28 21:11 

DD 88% and crash!

Lingxiang Zhang
Lingxiang Zhang 2019.05.13 18:21 

It seems as the author has stoped developing and improving this EA which was good for several months. Unfortunatelly this success is gone

Poltergeist 2019.05.04 20:43 

It seems as the author has stoped developing and improving this EA which was good for several months. Unfortunatelly this success is gone

Update 21.07.2019: The EA is recovering. As most of us I also had a huge SL in December 2018/January 2019 but till then the EA is very profitable. Unfortunatelly it will need some further months to completely recover the loss

Topomoto11 2019.03.08 18:04 

The author did as a judge, had his thirty money and ran away.

Stay Away from this EA and this person

Gianluca Bonfanti
Gianluca Bonfanti 2019.03.01 21:24 

after the realease of the update of december the EA generated the biggest DD in january than in 18 years of hystory - this can happen since the optimization bias . The forward test is going well from that date uptoday (August 2019)

Poornachandran 2019.02.10 20:20 

This EA BT give good results but not live. There is no auto optimisation guys. Author never replies and poor communication!

peronpmt4 2019.02.06 20:38 

Author not available, does not give any help! Very negative judgment, stay away from this EA!!

joe.daccache 2019.01.25 09:35 

This is the most disappointing EA on the market, check its 3 signals including the awaited V10 to see its performance.

It has a problems with false entry and a very bad exit strategy which keeps the trade open way past their time risking losses instead of gaining profits.

all the people who gave 5* rating really love losing money/ mentally challenged/ or scammers.

my advice is to stay away from it until the signal for V10 (live account not the demo) is making a stable profit over time.

Paulus Verhoogt
Paulus Verhoogt 2019.01.16 14:57 

One of the best EA's in the market. It had a big draw down during the Christmas holidays, but this is always a risky period in which you should refrain from trading.

Iury Mendes Da Silva
Iury Mendes Da Silva 2019.01.06 18:26 

I've been using LCF Theta Vector for a while, and it is a very good EA, despite of recent DD. Anyway, DD is part of the game, and there isn't an EA that will win everyday (if there was one, its creator would probably be the richest man on Earth). There isn't a holy grail and with this EA you will lose in the long run only if you are greedy.

Suppasit Wetprasit
Suppasit Wetprasit 2019.01.05 02:19 

The Author of this EA always keep updating version of this EA with new features. The EA is not profit in short term but profit in long term (at least 3 months). Be careful to manage your risk, otherwise you will blow your account. Autolot with 1% risk with Artur reccomended set files trading only EUR, XAU, JPY should be enough. You will gain at least 14% a month with 43% maximum Drawdown with $1,000 account

Tobias 2019.01.04 02:17 

Top EA , live results are in keeping with backtests. Recent drawdown is part of the game and actually shallower than many DD periods which were clearly visible for all to see on the backtest... 1-star reviews are from noobs who dont understand basic risk principles... keep it up Artur

Vincent Visoiu
Vincent Visoiu 2019.01.03 13:41 

I rented this for 3 months and put it on a real $500 account at Tradersway broker. I could not do XAU and XAG because their minimum lotsize is 0.10 lots and I wanted to do 0.01 lots. So I started with EURUSD and USDJPY and the recommended sets with 0.01 lots. The EA totally destroyed my $500 account down to only $64 when the broker closed all open positions due to margin call. There were many open positions with large losses. The EA is definitely a grid EA and just like any other grid concept if the market runs against its positions it opens more and eventually kills the account. This EA is no different. Stick with EAs that open 1 position at a time and close it before opening another. I do not recommend this EA on a live account at all.

Ville Laalo
Ville Laalo 2019.01.03 11:36 

I think LCF EA is not ready. It has proved to have caused many users more losses than profit and longer time users have lost all profit in short time.

I am looking forward that Author develops EA to working condition or returns money for buyers of software.

Here is one forward test: https://acefx.com/_wp/?p=738

I think similar results are seen on many traders using LCF at the moment.

Authors LCF signal lost 1/3 of balance in endyear 2018 and very beginning of 2019 when closed streak of bloodred loosing trades.

hamtt 2019.01.03 10:35 

I hired this for 3 months and afetr 1.5 months the ONLY reason I ahve made a small profit is because I have been closing positions manually when in profit. When I bought it all I could see was good reviews so culd not understand why this was happening. The EA seemed to open signals and never close them. Even when they were in big profit the positions stayed open and started to reduce significantly. There does not seem to be any trailing SL logc or anything else to attempt to detect reversals. I even thought something was wrong with my installation or VPS and tried on different installation with same effect. As of yet, this EA has never closed any positions for me and now I just close manually when in profit. I am starting to think either I have been very unlucky with the timing of my installation or the previous good reviews were not genuine. I will give this EA another month until my 3 month subscription ends, and reduce trading to microlot size, and see how it performs.

Xing Zhihao
Xing Zhihao 2019.01.03 09:28 

completely shit hole , in a big up trend always sell sell sell, then boom boom boom


Jerry Wu
Jerry Wu 2019.01.03 04:39 


Liji Chen
Liji Chen 2019.01.03 03:44 

Less than a month, I lost 40% of the funds.

maakuone 2019.01.03 00:41 

And boom, my account lost 80%

Jamesdelz 2019.01.02 06:32 


joaquimfilho8 2018.12.28 22:09 

Good Morning. Good afternoon. Good night.

I've been working with forex for over 7 years. I always buy robotics, do several tests and create a setup according to my management, strategy and others.

I've been following this EA almost since its beginning and NEVER IN MY LIFE, I've seen an author with such petty actions, greedy.

It turns out that they inflated the price and results of this EA. He's an interesting EA, he has potential. I do not know if this developer lives on the market or who knows, but an EA becomes valuable as long as it survives the market.

I use this EA in some 'low balance' accounts, but I do not see much potential in the development of this author if I continue with these 'poor' actions.

I had never written any 'feedback' to great EA's that I bought and made me - they make me a lot of money, but I could not help commenting on the attitude of this developer.

On the positive side, there is always time to change. I really will try to believe that the developer will change, and maybe one day he will really be a 'seriel killer' of the financial market with eight-figure accounts on the table. (This is just an expression to say that usually mean people are always eaten by sharks.)

I apologize for using a translator. My English sucks. I hope you understand the meaning of my words. I really get really disappointed when I see such actions

-3 stars because of the author. I RECOMMEND DO NOT RENT THIS EA. Just add to your wish list and follow its development. If the AUTHOR is dedicated with maintenance, attention and updating, then you can rent.

M. Asad Farooq
M. Asad Farooq 2018.12.26 18:46 

Rest in peace...LCF

Joebar 2018.12.26 15:19 

For the moment, really not regular in the losses and gains .....

Saya pann
Saya pann 2018.12.26 12:22 

No idea why author doesn't publish V10 although all customers suffer huge losses with current version V9.5. Author is irresponsible.

Cong Danh Nguyen Pham
Cong Danh Nguyen Pham 2018.12.25 10:37 

lose in real trading

Yongqiang Chao
Yongqiang Chao 2018.12.25 07:14 

I have 9 activations. Need to activate contact me! $45 one! Support WeChat / Alipay transactions. Please provide the IP address and account password of the VPS.


Ning lack
Ning lack 2018.12.25 04:45   

After this EA update, back to the test more garbage, use with caution

lemonlenny 2018.12.24 10:47 

This EA hides behind “levels” which basically means additional trades. When losing, many additional trades are opened, which is commensurate to martingale. When winning, the EA is calm and takes few trades. Although not a straight up Grid strategy, this EA has all the makings of one. Everything that I made on this EA in over one month was lost within 48 hours (and more). The question is: why did what I make not get doubled in 48 hours, but the opposite will happen?

Be cautious of all EA’s that take multiple trades. It is a disguise for martingale.

abdullahsultan alshmmery
abdullahsultan alshmmery 2018.12.21 15:43 


Arjan 2018.12.19 04:11 

USDJPY just wiped out my account after less than 3 weeks of trading this EA, LCF is nothing more than a glorified Martingale system, I don't care what the fanboys say, the damn thing kept averaging down against the trend.

There are better EA's on mql5 for a fraction of the cost.

King S
King S 2018.12.17 03:16 

Unreasonable price

Update 1: price back to normal. The EA it self is so far so good. I'll update again about the EA after 3 months. You seem to have tried to give the best to service us. but I hope you can do better.

Qingsong Qin
Qingsong Qin 2018.12.15 11:50 


Haha, now the price has gone up to $30,000 for a month, so it took us more than 400 USDs to buy this EA before, and we made a lot of money.


Thank the author, thank MQL5 ~~


Let's get good returns in the foreign exchange market on a sustained and stable basis 6550

Giuseppe Cacisi
Giuseppe Cacisi 2018.12.11 22:46 

Purchased for over a month and I had excellent profits. Congratulations to the developer!!!

khalid076 2018.12.11 15:13   

very stable and very good!

FrankN 2018.12.10 21:58 

Very good EA and a developer who's constantly improving the product. Real life trading shows consistant profits. Keep it up Artur.

Siarhei Ulyanau
Siarhei Ulyanau 2018.12.06 21:41 

два счета в компании альпари, два одинаковых типа счета!!!!

сделки открываются по разному ))))


Frank B
Frank B 2018.12.05 21:34 

04.02.20 : Doing good after the latest updates

Moreno Dainese
Moreno Dainese 2018.12.05 19:50   


Veratic 2018.12.05 16:41 

Wiped out my account with USDJPY trades, unlucky.

This EA can't handle strong trends in general.

Ming Li
Ming Li 2018.12.05 10:37 

very good

Christos Andronoudis
Christos Andronoudis 2018.12.05 09:38 

one star for your price strategy

Yingnan Li
Yingnan Li 2018.12.04 22:38 

This guy does not reply my message. 1 star

Hichame18 2018.12.03 18:43 

For me this ea is a piece of art! Amazing logic!!! Just read the comments below!!!! Thanks a lot for the author to share with us this excellent product!!!!! 5 starts and even more!!!!

gt111254 2018.12.03 07:37 

I've seen the best EA 5 star, 678 star if I can

traderjoe 2018.12.02 18:37 

This EA does deserve the top spot on MQL5 due to the depth and complexity of the system involved. This is not simply using a fixed strategy or trading around a built in indicator, this EA has the ability to change course based on market conditions which makes it among the few EA's that has long term potential.

Be sure to take your time and read over how to properly set it up. Artur is very solid in his correspondence as well.

XYZ 2018.11.29 06:35 

I think this EA is challenging something very difficult.

This has a potential to be one of the greatest in the future.

But for now it's difficult to decide how much we trust this EA.

Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee 2018.11.29 03:16 

Smartest EA I've encountered - great work Artur! Thanks for the constant updates and improvements you're making to the EA.

Franz Krenn
Franz Krenn 2018.11.18 10:10 

The EA is running stable and makes profit as expected ( low DD included :-) ). It geniously otrades gold and silver !! Thank you Artur

Please read the first review from Eric Ruvalcaba ( thank you Eric for workout) ...it is more detailed than mine and will help you to know much more about this grandious EA


It is realy a pitty that all the newbies on the market pushed down this great EA nearly to the ground at the moment.

The Story:

The EA rised to number one, a lot of new inexpirienced customers bought and used it.

Unfortunately at weak market on chrismas and new year 2019 holiday the EXPECTABLE drawdown happened.

Accounts blew up and 1 star reviews follows on the row.

At the meantime the EA is recovering the losses ( also as expected ).


Sorry, i must admit, I was wrong. Most of positions are opened in the night with wide spread on XAUUSD and 10 Stoploss in a row with XAUUSD again!! Swap costs on EURUSD and USDJPY bites away all profits.

The author do not communicate since month and do not react anyway. He doesn't have the reasonable responsibility regarding buyers of his product.


After stopping the EA and analyzing the behaviour i have decided trading EURUSD and USDJPY again. XAUUSD seams o be very spread depending with some brokers and maybe, it will not bring you expected profits. Rising to 3 for now...

Tehno84 2018.11.17 19:18 

На данный момент это лучший советник, из купленных мною, по соотношению прибыли и просадки.

ozzyno76 2018.11.17 15:45 

my favorite expert!

Jiaye Chen
Jiaye Chen 2018.11.15 08:46 


欢迎联系探讨。手肌威信同号, 壹三九七七七,伍六七八七

Gregory Clements
Gregory Clements 2018.11.07 00:56 

Excellent EA with steady, reliable profits and low DD. Suitable for large deposits. Author is working constantly to fine tune and improve

chessbana 2018.10.24 01:14 

I bought the EA and put all recommended (By Author) pairs accept EURUSD in my real account, so far EA has done a few trades in Gold and making profits.

Active EA Author in helping members and solving problems. Good progress 4 stars.

Will up date later.

Have been tested with gold making good progress for one month. Thanks Artur Good work. 5 Stars

Waiting for your V10

Gerhard Füssel
Gerhard Füssel 2018.10.12 02:51 

This is an outstanding EA for long term using; i recommend to read the rating of Mr. Eric Ruvalcaba ( the first rating of this EA ) as it confirms my own positive conclusion to 100%.

Update 24.02.2019 : in opposite to many ratings, this EA is still profitable in January and February 2019!!!

Aceman123 2018.10.05 13:49 

Great profitable EA with little DD and long-term stability.

Highly recommended.

Marcus Nyman
Marcus Nyman 2018.09.27 19:44 

Very good system. Reliable and consistant.

The new update looks very promising

Keep it up!


Update 2019:

Author has released new version, it exceeds my expectations. Very good trades! Well done

Jozef Vasko
Jozef Vasko 2018.08.24 16:23 


Eduardo Zuloaga
Eduardo Zuloaga 2018.05.10 01:01 


Eric Ruvalcaba
Eric Ruvalcaba 2018.05.07 17:55 

Great developer, efficient and hard working, keeps on improving an already great product. Current support is limited.

Forward testing on a real ECN account delivers very stable profits for 7 months now, also it gets high resemblance to backtests (no need to be the exact same, even different among accounts) with the next strict conditions:

*** Update 2019-01-03: Unfortunately, the EA has surpassed its long term 15 years expected DD by quite a margin, not wrong per se, we should consider this possibility always for all EAs (as it might get to 2 times the max expected value as a rule of thumb).

-99.9% quality tick data.

-Historical real floating ECN spreads (without a cap)

-15+ years backtests.

-Using expensive $8 USD commissions per lot per round.

-Simulating broker latencies realistically at a range between 100 and 700 ms (non reproducible).

-Simulating realistic market hours live execution.

-100% margin stopouts simulations.

-Considering swap costs.

-All order types generate slippage simulations.

-Obtained very high long term stability for the different pairs above 0.9

-Ret/DD metrics above 50 on static MM.

-Tandem portfolio at .99 stability.

-Tandem portfolio win rate above 60%

-Tandem portfolio symmetry above 85%

-Average win higher than average loss.

-Some interesting stats: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/27074#!tab=comments&page=5&comment=7199738

-Multimarket robustness passed for several pairs.: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/27074#!tab=comments&page=4&comment=6729855

-Low leverage need on limited risks.

バージョン 10.1 2019.08.07
1) New optimization process structure with according ISF keys. They will be publicated in comments section with settings files, they might change from time to time but all previous keys will be still valid. For not supported pairs use "0" value for ISF and "Unsupported" pair type in settings.

2) new features in information panel:
a) 2 separate buttons for order types management. Disabling one type of orders is affecting optimization results. Disabling all types of orders is turning optimization off too.
b) "Re-optimize" button executes optimization process on demand. Do not use it if not necessary for example after disabling one type of orders. Do not use it when saturation X or Y are in blue or red area, best time to use it is when saturation Z is in blue or red area.
c) "Symbol balance" line returns actual summary profit or loss for this particular symbol (if dedicated setting is on)

More detailed information are in comments section (~800).
バージョン 9.7 2019.01.02
Hotfix for state R/0 in v9.6
バージョン 9.6 2018.12.31
1) Improved entry logic, added 2 additional inputs:
dTs - range in points (if 0 then EA will behave similar to 9.5 but not same as 9.5)
dTf - factor value

2) added additional input "Saturation log" - if true, it will print saturation values in expert logs (as in 9.5)
バージョン 9.5 2018.11.18
1) Added FLC system with additional inputs:
- FLC system - enable/disable
- FLC.LVL - current FLC LVL value
- FLC.F1 - FLC factor1 (double values above 1)
- FLC.F2 - FLC factor2 (double values above 1)
Basically it is responsible for controlling LVL value and it is triggered on stop loss hit so SL is required to be also enabled. From all supported pairs, it gives better results only for EURUSD so it is not recommended for others pairs, but it might be also useful for not supported pairs. In most cases FLC.LVL value should be same as max LVL value. It might be different if EA will be re-initialized, then check expert tab log for last known value (it will be returned on deinitialization process) and insert it to FLC.LVL input.

2) Added saturation values to info panel.
Saturation.X refers to order opening [O]. If it exceeds 85% it will change color according to opening direction (blue for buy and red for sale) and will open order after returning below 85%.
Saturation.Y refers to opening direction [D]. Below 10% it will open sell orders and above 90% it will open buy order. It will also change color similary to Saturation.X
Saturation.Z refers to order closing [C]. Because of code structure it can indicate only proximity of closing signal and higher percentage value means higher probability of closing signal apearing. After exceeding 97% it will change color accordingly to closing direction. In case of strong moves it can close without proximity indication.

3) Added buttons for additional execution of buy and sell orders to info panel (it opens one additional order with current EA parameters). It might be useful in case of missing trade by errors etc. It is not recommended to using them without good reason.

4) Using auto lot calculation without stop loss enabled is possible again, but it is not recommended.

5) Minor change in order execution procedure.
バージョン 9.4 2018.11.03
1) Minor improvement of auto LOT calculations module (better optimization and calculation speed for higher deposits)
2) Added new Slippage input for orders execution parameters.
3) Rearrangement of inputs section.
4) Minor bug fixes.
バージョン 9.3 2018.10.06
1) Minor tweaks in optimization sub-layer (it should be faster with same or very similar results).

2) Added accuracy of optimization result in interface. By accuracy it means percentage of profit trades. It don't guaranty future accuracy.

3) Minor bug fixes (like opening additional trade when reinitiating at signal candle).
バージョン 9.2 2018.10.02
Urgent bug fix
バージョン 9.1 2018.09.29
1) Implemented additional sub-layer in self-optimization process that should compensate negative differences between version 8.9 and 9.0 but in some situations self-optimization can take a while (affecting test speed too). Unfortunately this layer isn't well optimized yet.
There is also additional state (R.x.xx.e) which means that result comes from this additional sub-layer.

2) added switch input for VOC module.
If VOC=true then in state (R.0) EA will not open additional orders.
If VOC=false then in state (R.0) EA will take last known good result and on this basis it will open next orders.
バージョン 9.0 2018.09.29
1) Implemented new self-optimization procedure with new recommended SL values:
XAUUSD - 1800
USDJPY - 340
EURUSD - 280
XAGUSD - 180
LVL values remains the same.

2) added simple interface with option to change LOT or RISK value without EA reinitialization.

3) added information about self-optimization result:
"NOT CALIBRATED (R0)" - means that optimization process have not give any positive result. In this state EA will not open additional orders, previously opened orders will be still managed.
"CALIBRATED (Rx.xx)" - means that optimization process gives positive result. Value after R represents ratio between current and previous optimization result (lower than 1 means worse result and higher than 1 means better result).

In some cases state R0 can remain even for a month, but in this time EA is still self-optimizing to adapt to new conditions.

4) added inputs:
Order comment - determines order comment
Info Y distance - determines position of interface on Y axis

5) removed drawing of indicators in visual testing mode.
バージョン 8.9 2018.07.23
1) Added internal calibration parameters for EUR/USD symbol.
2) Correction of AUTO_LOT module for currency pairs.
3) Minor bug fixes and code optimization.
バージョン 8.7 2018.01.12
1) Implementation of additional stoploss mechanics:
- added SL_BREAKEVEN input
- added TRAILING_SL input
- added DTSL input
- added TSL_POINTS input
- added DTSL_POINTS input
2) Implementation of auto-calculation of BASE2ACC_RATIO value