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SSA Fixed It

Anyone can throw together an EA, anyone doesn't have over 20 years of manual trading experience: https://www.mql5.com/en/forum/179446   Quality always comes at a premium.

'SSA Fixed It' is a channel breakout fully automated expert advisor incorporating Artificial Intelligence, correlation studies and Singular spectrum analysis (SSA) .  SSA is used to determine the high probability breakouts to trade.  The output from the SSA is then fed into an Artificial Intelligence algorithm and the agents that are embedded in algorithm generate a buy or sell order.  This system has maintained its edge for over 15 years.


  • The same broker as the signal. 200:1 leverage, no more is needed to trade safe.

The SSA DEFAULT can be traded on the following currency pairs:

  • AUDCAD - 100 Pips Stop-loss - 100 Pips Profit-target
  • AUDCHF - 100 Pips Stop-loss - 100 Pips Profit-target
  • AUDJPY  - 100 Pips Stop-loss - 100 Pips Profit-target - (REOP' REQUIRED - DO NOT TRADE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE)
  • AUDNZD   - 100 Pips Stop-loss - 100 Pips Profit-target
  • AUDUSD   - 100 Pips  Stop-loss - 100 Pips Profit-target
  • CADCHF    - 100 Pips  Stop-loss - 100 Pips Profit-target - (REOP' REQUIRED - DO NOT TRADE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE)
  • CADJPY    - 100 Pips Stop-loss - 100 Pips Profit-target
  • CHFJPY    - 100 Pips Stop-loss - 100 Pips Profit-target
  • CHFSGD    - 100 Pips  Stop-loss - 100 Pips Profit-target
  • EURAUD    - 100 Pips  Stop-loss - 100 Pips Profit-target
  • EURCHF    - 100 Pips  Stop-loss - 100 Pips Profit-target
  • EURGBP    - 100 Pips Stop-loss - 100 Pips Profit-target
  • EURJPY    - 100 Pips Stop-loss - 100 Pips Profit-target
  • EURNZD    - 100 Pips Stop-loss - 100 Pips Profit-target
  • EURUSD   - 100 Pips  Stop-loss - 100 Pips Profit-target
  • GBPAUD    - 100 Pips  Stop-loss - 100 Pips Profit-target
  • GBPCAD    - 100 Pips  Stop-loss - 100 Pips Profit-target
  • GBPNZD    - 100 Pips  Stop-loss - 100 Pips Profit-target
  • GBPUSD    - 100 Pips  Stop-loss - 100 Pips Profit-target
  • USDCHF    - 100 Pips  Stop-loss - 100 Pips Profit-target

The SSA Fixed It (WEEKLY SWING) can be traded on the following currency pairs:

ALL - 100 Pips Stop-loss - 100 Pips Profit-target - Exit on Friday 


  • AUDUSD- Optimised from 2011
  • AUDCHF - Optimised from 2011
  • AUDJPY - Optimised from 2011
  • EURAUD- Optimised from 2017
  • EURHKD - Optimised from 2007
  • EURNZD - Optimised from 2015
  • EURUSD - Optimised from 2003
  • GBPJPY - Optimised from 2011
  • GBPUSD - Optimised from 2003
  • USDJPY  - Optimised from 2011

This adviser is built for the 60 minute time frame and has no time restrictions.

  • Advisor category: AI SSA;
  • Timeframe: H1;
  • Trading Time: All;
  • Risk: Low at 1% per trade;
  • Recommended Deposit: $1000;
  • Risk Control: all order have a stop-loss and profit target of 100 pips
  • Market entry method: market order;
  • See comments section for full backtest.
  • Move stop to break-even: set to 0 pips to disable.
  • Trailing-profit: set to 0 pips to disable.


  • Exit on Friday option;
  • Common money management options - see below;
  • FX pair to trade drop-down box;
  • See comments post 2 for more details.

This can be traded immediately using the default settings.

You are welcome to message me if you have any questions.

UseMoneyManagement set to true if you want to use money management, set to false to use fixed number of lots defined in Lots.
Lots number of lots to be used if money management is not used 
RiskInPercent if money management is active, set how big % of the available capital should be risked per each trade. Standard values are from 1 – 5. RiskInPercent is used only if UseFixedMoney = false 
UseFixedMoneyif set to true, money management will use fixed amount of money for every trade (specified in RiskInMoney parameter). RiskInPercent is then ignored. To use this, UseMoneyManagement must be also set to true. 

I have attached a close all at profit percentage EA in the comments section: post number 11. 

A large portfolio that has a profit target twice the size of the stop-loss can lead to a situation some may find frustrating; the situation is seeing the portfolio in large amounts of open profit although none of the pairs are close to the take profit target.  I have included an EA that will close all positions after a basket profit level has been reached.   There is no need to place this on the pair you want it to apply because it applied to all pairs by default so attaching to one chart is sufficient.

EmilCarlsson 2019.03.17 17:06 

Giving a first review, will be updated later when I have more data to base it on.

What differs this EA from many others on the market is that it is using both SL and TP. Now while one might think this is the case of other ea's they often use martingale/grid strategies that will either blow you account or give you a heart attack. The EA has been holding up on the strikerate and giving an avarage of 45% profitable trades (This has been a little bit harder to calculate for me since I use 2% basket closing).

On avarage there have been 5-7 trades running at the same time and this is one of the best part of the ea, being able to run it on 20 pairs at the same time HEAVILY reduces drawdown/negative result as the strong pairs carries the weak ones. Now if the EA can uphold these result over a longer period then it is truly a moneymaker.

I see a lot of arguments against the high pricetag on this EA and I understand that it can feel like a lot of money. However we need to distinguish between "a lot of money" and "expensive". For the performance that this EA is able to produce with such little drawback I would not call it expensive (Perhaps I would even call it cheap).

I will run 1000 trades across 20 pairs with a basket closing of 2% and then be back with an update on my review but for now there is nothing that holds me back from giving it a full 5 stars.

Another good thing is that Max is still active in developing and looking for feedback/angles on improving the EA, its not just a dump and pump EA.

tradingdiver 2019.03.14 01:05 

This review only reflects my personal opinion. If you have a different opinion, that is legitimate and absolutely fine. I tried to make this review as neutral as possible. I have tested the EA with a real account (IC Markets ECN) for one month. Of course, with just one month live results, no statement can be made about the long-term behavior of an EA. But this was not important to me, what I wanted to test is the similarity between live results and backtest (Tick Data Manager with 99% modeling quality). In my opinion only if both results (live and backtest) are similar or have a strong correlation then we can use the backtest results to derive statistical parameters for the future. If they are not similar, then the backtest results are absolutely worthless. Below you can see real trades based on default settings (with SSA strategy and fixed lot size = 0.01) and a few direct comparisons between real and backtest signals. Please create your own backtest and compare it with the real trades.

A few negative issues (in my opinion):

• Seller has no results for this EA (live and/or demo)

• For other EAs seller has only demo signals (Why not live signal? Does the seller not trust his EAs? In my opinion that bothers the trust in the seller.)

• No long-term results (for any EA, neither demo or live)

• Seller removes signals from time to time from the market. New potential buyers have no way to see past trades and thus to observe the behavior of the EAs. (That bothers absolutely the trust in the seller)

• Seller constantly raises the price of the EA (Sure, that's his right. However, this behavior creates an internal pressure on the buyer to buy the product without first renting and testing it.)

My personal recommendation: if possible, rent the EA (actually any EA) first, test it on a demo or better a real account and compare the real results with your backtest (99% modeling quality, for example: Tick Data Manager from eareview.net).

killerbridge 2019.03.09 13:38 

SSA Fixed it don't blow accounts, have a clear TP & SL, can trading on multi pair and more function will add on future. I look forward to seeing the EA be complete, also I am running it live.

MichaelPuett 2019.03.06 03:19 

Live result: http://www.myfxbook.com/members/MichaelPuett/pure-sex/3222099

I have been using this robot for ~3 weeks on my live account. 6.6% return so far with some manual intervention (I am closing trades at 3.3% equity gain, just closed today for +$1000 on $15,000 account)

Things I like:

1. robot trades on a lot of currency pairs

2. naturally it takes a lot of trades (since it trades on so many pairs)

3. NO HEDGING, no martingale, no grid - good for a US citizen like myself

4. robot has higher targets than 10 pips like some scalping robots..that way you are not chewed up by commission

5. robot has a stop loss..if you are trying to work for prop firms they always have rules that you need a SL..strategy looks 'good' to prop firms..no crazy trade sizes and trading during after hours..

6. Max is very intelligent, nice, and will respond to your questions. Also he is building a community and welcomes comments/debate/building the system

Things I dont like:

1. $3000 cost (of course if I make back that 3000 in less than a month..how can I not like that!?!)

5 stars for the performance of the robot! Nice work Max!

KikkoM 2019.02.17 20:10 

In my opinion, one of the best experts on the market of MQL5.

Backtests with excellent results, constant with low risk. Live operations confirmed these results.

The author continues to improve the expert with new currencies and features. You see the great work of the author, serious and always ready to explain.

michele74 2019.02.11 18:24 

SSA Fixed it , is more than a simple EA . Is a project born from the author Max Brown and is only the beginning...At first is an smart automated expert open the position on breakout of a channel and with an A.I. can select the open trades and the direction...with one TP and one SL . very safe and stable with a small very small DD , NO Martingale , NO grid , is same you have a professional manual trader wich open a position for you. Unbelieveble!!! If u buy now this expert , believe me . is an investment for the future, because the author tell me about is only an entry price ...still in development ...every new important update include an upgrade for the price ....Today i start with the last update: The reversion mode , and the EA show me already the potential ...all in a great profit!! You must have in your portfoglio , because is only one EA but same you buy a lots of expert with different strategy inside ...INFINITY possibilities....Also the author is very polite and responsive , explain you step by step all the setting and help you for fixed every problem even if busy for code , answer you about everything!!! Amazing SUPPORT!

This is the first view of the expert , but i will update all the results in the future, stay tuned and don't miss this professional hidden gem of EA !!

Eduardo Zuloaga
Eduardo Zuloaga 2019.01.30 10:56 

5 years backtest results are very good. Profitable with low DD%. Now running it live.

Versión 1.18 2019.03.19
Fixed issue with Weekly Swing money management
Versión 1.17 2019.03.19
EA - Rolled back to 1.14 due to unknown unknowns in 1.17
Versión 1.16 2019.03.18
Removed Pip Reapers profit target. It isn't supposed to have one.

Pip Reapers' SL of 51 pips made non-adjustable.
Versión 1.15 2019.03.17
SSA Pip Reaper Added. Please see comment 164 for further details.
Versión 1.11 2019.02.23
Recoded internal indicator due to slow calculation speed.
Versión 1.10 2019.02.18
A minor conflict resolved between Indice model and Forex model.
Versión 1.9 2019.02.17
1. Rewrote a large amount of code to make the EA run quicker.
2. Retrained SSA neural network.
3. Indice built but release deferred for 1 week because the Indice code requires additional quality checks.
Versión 1.8 2019.02.07
Removed GBPCHF & GBPJPY because on correlation calculation overload potentially impacting order execution. The calculation is been rewritten and these pairs will be reintroduced shortly.
Versión 1.7 2019.02.05
Additional pairs added:
Versión 1.6 2019.02.03
1. Added an optional "move stop to breakeven" and optional "trailing profit".
2. An additional of an advanced filtering algorithm to boost winning trades.
3. Updated neural and SSA weights and coefficients.
4. Standard stop-loss changed to 50 pips and profit target set to 100pips.
Versión 1.3 2019.01.28
Non-critical profit target issue - global to local
Versión 1.2 2019.01.28
Code efficiency - changed function from 15 to 10 loops
Versión 1.1 2019.01.28
1. Renamed Live Trading to something more appropriate.