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AW Recovery System

Advisor is designed to reduce drawdown on the account. The author's algorithm locks the unprofitable position, splits it into many separate parts, and closes each of them separately.

It is the use of closing losses by parts to reduce losses with a smaller deposit load, which ensures a safer operation with losses, in contrast to the grid strategies of closing orders only in whole groups.

How is the restoration of orders

  1. The Expert Advisor closes the other windows of the selected tool in order to turn off the unprofitable Expert Advisors (optional).
  2. The Expert Advisor resets the TakeProfit and StopLoss levels for all processed orders and removes pending orders with the corresponding identifiers.
  3. The Expert Advisor closes all profitable orders processed in order to cover a part of unprofitable orders with the help of their profit and reduce the total position volume (optional).
  4. The Expert Advisor blocks a loss-making position by opening a locking order.
  5. Then, by opening the restoring orders, it proceeds to reduce the loss by partially closing unprofitable orders.
  6. In case of partial closure, the algorithm restores first of all orders that are least well arranged; each of the unprofitable orders is divided into many parts, each of which is closed separately by the adviser. Restoring orders are opened with a small volume in order not to significantly increase the load on the deposit.

When launching the strategy tester, the adviser opens one demo position, then for testing you need to use the buttons to open orders on the advisor panel.


  • It is suitable for processing both a small number of orders and large grids of unprofitable orders.
  • Flexible to set up and can be used to restore losses, and as a full-fledged trading panel.
  • A large number of built-in security features.
  • It can be used to recover losses from individual advisors, and automatically start a recovery when a certain loss is reached.
  • Flexible processing of unprofitable orders and their partial closure
  • The trailing stop handler can process both the whole group of restoring orders and the first and last restoring orders to close the parts of the loss.

Input Parameters

  • ORDERS TO RECOVERY SETTINGS - Settings section for the restored orders, as well as general functions in the advisor,
  • PROTECTION SETTINGS - Section for setting protection functions,
  • RECOVERY GRIDS AND RECOVERY ORDERS SETTINGS - Section for setting up restoring grids and restoring orders,
  • RECOVERY ZONES SETTINGS - Recovery zones settings section,
  • INDICATORS - PARABOLIC SAR SETTINGS , INDICATORS - ALLIGATOR SETTINGS , INDICATORS - 2MA SETTINGS - sections for setting indicators that serve as additional trend filters when the appropriate value of the " Type of filtering for recovery orders" variable is selected .

elkinmar1 2018.12.04 17:48 

Magnificent Expert Advisor. I had a bad session with GBPUSD last week so I decided to give this EA a try. It gave my equity back and added some profits to it.

Actually working on the recovery of a drawdown I have with EURUSD. So far so good.

Ovied 2018.11.08 21:55 

This really is a very smart EA. Moreover, If you have some serious DD, this EA is for you. I had planned out some manual trades and those trades got away from me so quick. I was mad at myself and I was determined to hedge my way out of this manual trade. Some of my DD was recovered then I found this EA. I have been using it a week and it works. Don't expect your bad trade to be recovered in one day. Slow and steady this EA is recovering my DD. Author is very helpful answering questions.

Michael Beek
Michael Beek 2018.11.08 19:57 

I had a drawdown of over 90% on two accounts, I could not keep track of it myself (hobby trader pro). This Ea was my biggest hope. Reduced to just over 50% within four weeks. No idea how he does that. I know it is not easy to trust an EA. So I hope he can finish it too. This EA does well like a lot of CPU.

CLO006 2018.10.22 19:11 

Working very good

Hefajatur Rahman
Hefajatur Rahman 2018.10.16 16:31 

Good EA..

but we need to see target lot buy and sell locked negative value to show on display

suppose i locked 0.20 , 0.20 and 0.10 buy with 0.50 sell, set target 0.01 lot to close each time...i need to see 0.01 lot locked negative value which ur EA handle...please update this one and better disable close all button...cause if mistakenly hit this button...people loose all money which in negative

Fallet Willy
Fallet Willy 2018.09.26 21:01 


AurelianoV 2018.08.07 16:01 

Тестировал.Устраивал краш-тесты. Обсуждал. Уточнял. Отличная работа.

Вроде просто, а как важно иметь в арсенале!))).Супер.

Жду развития!

Juan Carlos Velez Hernandez
Juan Carlos Velez Hernandez 2018.08.02 20:07 

Excelente trabajo, poco a poco me va sacando de las malas operaciones.

wroger 2018.06.15 21:31 

Works very good, use small Lot and get Daily Profit... Also recover the losses from other EA very good...

Bruce Warmer
Bruce Warmer 2018.06.13 10:52 

I have rented and installed it. The EA is slowly recovering the pair that has a drawdown.

sergmir2007 2018.06.04 15:06 

мне понравилось

Versión 5.40 2018.12.06
- La función de restablecer los niveles TakeProfit y StopLoss se ha actualizado, ahora el asesor monitorea y restablece estos niveles no solo en el momento del lanzamiento, sino también durante la operación.
- El algoritmo de trabajo en el probador se ha actualizado, ahora en el probador de estrategia, las órdenes de demostración se abren automáticamente solo en el modo de inicio Work_at_Start. Esto hará que sea más conveniente probar estrategias con el lanzamiento de un asesor durante una reducción.
Versión 5.30 2018.12.03
¡Atención! ¡Actualización importante!

En la versión anterior del asesor había un error, debido a que un asesor podría estar conectado, por favor actualice el producto.
Versión 5.20 2018.11.27
Optimized start with drawdown in money and start with drawdown as a percentage of the deposit.
Versión 5.10 2018.11.21
Added visual display of recovery zones
Versión 5.0 2018.11.21
- Updated advisor panel design,
- Updated input configuration,
- Reduced consumption of computer resources,
- Changed the settings of the recovery zones, now they can either be configured automatically or manually assigned
Versión 4.10 2018.10.08
- Se corrigieron errores que ocurrían al restaurar una orden del volumen mínimo.
- Corregidos posibles errores de cierre de los cuadros.
- Solucionado posibles errores al eliminar pedidos pendientes.
Versión 4.0 2018.10.02
- El modo de ejecución se agrega a la variable Work_Mode con una reducción en dinero (la variable Drawdown_for_Start se mide en dinero o como un porcentaje, según el modo seleccionado).
- Se agregó la función Close_Profit_At_Start - el asesor al inicio del trabajo cerrará todas las órdenes rentables de aquellas (de aquellas que pueden procesarse) y el uso de las ganancias bloqueará parte de lo no rentable.
- Función agregada Delete_Pendings_At_Start - el asesor al comienzo del trabajo eliminará todas las órdenes pendientes con los identificadores correspondientes.
- Ahora, cuando se inicia, el asesor elimina los niveles TakeProfit y StopLoss de los pedidos procesados.
- Se agregó una variable para seleccionar el tipo de órdenes procesadas (Work_With), donde:
   All_Trades - Advisor trabajará con todas las órdenes del instrumento.
   Manual_Opened: el Asesor Experto procesará los pedidos abiertos manualmente (estos son pedidos con Magic = 0, si otros Asesores Expertos tienen MagicNumber = 0, entonces RecoverySystem los percibirá como abiertos manualmente)
   Same_Magic_Number: Advisor procesará solo pedidos con el mismo MagicNumver que en RecoverySystem EA.
- Se agregó la capacidad de ejecutar un asesor sin un bloque gráfico (Show_Panel Variable), lo cual es importante para ahorrar recursos cuando se usa VPS.
- Se realizó una optimización general del código, se reescribió parte de los operadores para aumentar la velocidad y reducir el consumo de recursos.
Versión 3.0 2018.09.03
- Se corrigieron los errores al cerrar otros gráficos.
- Ahora Asesor trabaja para unirse a una Magic_Number específica, que permite recuperar no las herramientas y el trabajo de los asesores individuales, a la vista de este método de cálculo de reducción también corregida (Dd_Percent_For_Start) - ahora es la reducción del depósito en forma de porcentaje, que está provisto de un Magic_Number algoritmo apropiado en el instrumento correspondiente.
- Se ha añadido una rejilla multiplicador espaciamiento órdenes reductoras (Step_Multiplier).
- Se ha añadido tres opciones para reducir las órdenes de filtro (Trend_Filter_Grids).
- Añadida función para limitar la cantidad de reducción de pedidos por barra puede ser sólo una orden de mercado (One_order_per_bar).
- Se agregó la capacidad de cambiar el tamaño de la fuente (Font_Size).
Versión 2.0 2018.06.18
Added the "Close_Another_Charts" function. If enabled, the EA closes other windows of the current instrument at the start of the work to disable other experts working on the selected instrument.