Is there any form or script so that when uploading my expert advisor follow the thread of backtest operations?

Javier Manuel Lopez Camacho  
Greetings to all, I get in touch with you to request support, since currently I have an expert advisor that I bought in the market, I am interested to know, if there is any form or script so that when uploading my Expert Advisor, follow the thread of the operations in the same way as the back test, since it introduces operations but in a different way, unfortunately this expert advisor is no longer in the Market, it gives me good results but I need the operations to be identical to those of the back test, currently observed that operations are introduced out of time, when the robot is signaling and as it is an Expert Advisor multi currency when one pair is signaling the other is disabled, which is activated receives a wrong signal, I would like to receive your support wishing an excellent day
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