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Historical Memory B150

The B150 model is a fully revised version of the Historical Memory indicator with a significantly improved algorithm. It also features a graphical interface what makes working with this perfect tool quick and convenient.

Indicator-forecaster. Very useful as an assistant, acts as a key point to forecast the future price movement.

The forecast is made using the method of searching the most similar part in the history (patter). The indicator is drawn as a line that shows the result of change of the close price of bars. Now you can visually find and compare the quality of a history pattern with an actual pattern. In addition, the indicator is capable of forecasting by analyzing several patterns at once.



  • Prediction Freeze - allows to freeze displayed forecast.
  • Layers Show Mode - layer display mode: SHOW_ALL_LAYERS - all layers will be shown as separate lines; SHOW_AVERAGE - a multi-layer view as a smoothed line.
  • Pattern: Size(in bars)[1...] - the size of the pattern in bars.
  • Prediction: the number of bars [1...] - the number of bars used for the forecast.
  • Searching: depth of history(in bars)(0 - all bars) - the depth of the history used to search for the best correlation.
  • Searching: Step(in bars) - search step: the higher step value provides a higher speed with a lower search quality.
  • Prediction: Layers total [1...20] - the number of layers: the more layers, the greater the variability of the forecast.
  • Searching: Start bar shift (in history) - shift of the bar from which the forecast begins.


  • Searching: period(milliseconds) for timer - period in milliseconds for the search in the background.
  • Searching: limit(milliseconds) for timer - limit in milliseconds for the search in the background.


  • PanelEnabled_ - enable/disable the panel.
  • Panel Transparent(%)[0...100] - Transparency of the panel.
  • PanelColor_ - color of the panel.
  • PanelButtonColor_ - color of the button.
  • PanelButtonTxtColor_ - the color of the text on the button.
  • PanelButtonBorderColor_ - the color of button borders.
  • PanelCorrelationColor_ - the color of correlation text.
  • PanelDescrColor_ - the color of the parameter description label.
  • PanelDescrBorderColor_ - the color of borders of the parameter description label.
  • PanelDescrTxtColor_ - the color of the parameter description text.
  • PanelValueTxtColor_ - the color of the parameter value text.
  • PanelStartX_ - shift of the starting position of the panel in pixels from the left border.
  • PanelStartY_ - shift of the starting position of the panel in pixels from the upper border.
  • PanelSizeSizeMin_ - minimal panel size in pixels.
  • PanelSizeSizeMax_ - maximal panel size in pixels.
  • PanelSizeRatio_ - factor to change the panel size.
  • PanelButtonSizeR_ - factor to change the button size on the panel.
  • PanelCorrelationSizeR_ - factor to change correlation label.
  • PanelDescrSizeR_ - factor to change parameter description size.


  • Graphic Lines Enabled - show/hide vertical lines on the chart.
  • Back: vertical line color - the color of the past vertical line.
  • Back: text color - the color of past labels.
  • Back: vertical line style - the style of the past vertical line.
  • Forward: vertical line style - the style of the future vertical line.
  • Back: Text Size - text size of past labels.
  • Forward: Text Size - text size of future labels.
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Version 3.1 2016.10.11
- fixed bug related to exceeding array bounds.
- fixed bug: when switching to other chart timeframes, all boolean settings on the panel were reset to the standard values.
- improved: now when switching to other timeframes, the panel settings retain the same values.
- fixed all detected bugs.
Version 3.0 2016.07.25
- search in the background
- speed increased
- panel design modified
- adaptive panel
- the panel remembers the settings
- multi layers: maximum can use 20 layers
- added option: Layers Show Mode:
SHOW_ALL_LAYERS - show lines for all layers in chart
SHOW_AVERAGE - show line average of the all layers
- displays the dates of all layers
Version 2.0 2015.12.15
- improved: search formula
- search accelerated
- fixed bugs
- multiple copies in a single window
- added: color settings
- added: correlation info
- improved: graphics
Version 1.3 2015.03.17
- fixed bug: the old forecast sometimes was not erased.
Version 1.2 2015.03.13
- Fixed bugs.
- Improved search algorithm.
- Improved speed of search and calculations.
- Improved graphics.
- Improved and increased graphics.
- Added "LOCK_Mode_" option, mode - locking. When "true": all forecast readings are frozen and not updated when a new bar arrives.
- Irrelevant data is erased.