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Lines Channel Pro

The trend indicator "Lines Channel Pro" is built on the boundaries of High / Low channels, uses 4 calculation methods for inputs: Close, Close/High/Low, High/Low and High/Low/MA. To optimize the calculations, there is a variable parameter "Level noise" and "Channel filter"  with automatic settings that smooth the places of risky entries and deduct them from the calculations.The indicator is more suitable for hedged trading. The recommended TF is from M15 and higher for each TF and trading instrument must select individual settings.

     Indicator Parameters

  • Period channel - Period of the channel.
  • Price Method Calculating - Price calculation method.
  • Level noise - The noise level in the calculations.
  • Channel filter - Channel automatic filter.
  • Filter period - The period of the channel filter.
  • Arrows signal - Enable arrows for inputs.
  • Arrows stop - Turn on arrows for exits.
  • Alerts sound - Enable / disable sound when arrows appear.
  • Soundfile signal - Sound file for inputs.
  • Soundfile stop - Sound file for outputs.
  • History Bars - The number of indicator bars on the chart.
Bilalkhan19 2019.03.25 17:49 

This is a wonderful indicator and i think its logic is much better than thousands of indicators available out there. Everyone should try it out. The author Vitalyi Belyh is also very responsive and always open to suggestions about his products. Keep it up author.

Version 5.0 2019.03.22
Improvements in calculations, added Filter period parameter for "Channel filter".
Version 4.0 2019.01.06
Parameters "Price Method Calculating" were slightly improved, method 4 was added, using High / Low and MovingAverage in calculations.
Reworked "Channel filter", simplified and automated settings.
Version 3.0 2018.12.11
The calculation of the Level noise parameter has been reworked; now it is calculated not by ATR, but by price points. Also added is the Level noise filter parameter,
to optimize the included filter.
Version 2.0 2018.12.07
The Channel filter function has been completely redesigned, Level noise has been added to optimize the calculations, minor changes in the design.