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Lines Channel Pro

         The indicator "Lines Channel Pro" works on the High / Low channels, calculating the result shows the boundaries of the following
trend. The function Stop filter determines before the calculation of the main channel whether the continuation of the trend or a reversal. Tested
 on instruments EURUSD, GBPUSD, GoldUSD, EURJPY and other main instruments. The indicator is more suitable for hedged
trade. The recommended timeframe is M15, M30, H1.
Extended refinement of the indicator "Channels Hedge Lines".

Indicator parameters

  • Period channel - The period of the channel.     
  • Method Calculating - Method of calculating the trend on the channel.     
  • Smooth effect - Smoothing to the right.     
  • Stop filter - Enable the filter of early outputs.     
  • Arrows signal - Enable arrows for inputs.    
  • Arrows stop - Enable arrows for outputs.     
  • Alerts sound - Enable / disable sound when arrows appear.    
  • Soundfile signal - Sound file for inputs.    
  • Soundfile stop - Sound file for outputs.     
  • History Bars - The number of bars of the indicator on the graph.
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