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Intraday Dashboard MT4

Intraday Dashboard for MetaTrader 4


Basically consists of pivot points and session zones that are only displayed with the toggle button.

Provide simple intraday information only if needed.


  • Show objects with buttons.
  • DST correction is hard coded for each session.
  • Candle close timer.

Input Parameters

Main input

  • Server Time GMT Offset (in hours):
    • The output is displayed under the label "Server Time".
    • The output must match the candlestick time.
  • Period to Draw Object:
    • Period to draw objects for pivot points and session zones.
    • Less is better for CPU performance.
  • Show Timer:
    • Show candle close timer text.
  • Timer Shift:
    • Text shift alignment relative to the last candle.

Indicator Basic Visual Settings

  • Base Corner:
    • Base corner for dashboard alignment.
  • Vertical Shift (in pixels):
    • Vertical adjustment for dashboard alignment.

Session Zone Visual Settings
  • Value Normalize:
    • Normalize session zone range texts.

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Version 1.10 2018.09.09
- Performance Improvement