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MACD Trader MT5

This is a fully automated multi-currency Expert Advisor with unlimited number of currency pairs using MACD and Envelopes indicators. You can specify how the EA should work with each currency pair. You can add orders manually.

Real account fully managed by the Expert Advisor

The free version is available here.



  • TradeObjectsDelete: delete trade objects.
  • OrderPanel: display the panel for opening orders.
  • TradeToBalance: target balance to stop trading. The parameter is triggered only after all trades are closed. Otherwise, it continues opening orders to return to normal before closing deals according to one of the conditions below. 0 - trade with no limits.
  • Magic: Magic number of orders opened by the EA.
  • MagicWork: work only with the EA's orders or with all orders.
  • TheMainPair: Currency instruments (pairs) for the EA to work with. There may be variations when setting a pair. If set simply as EURUSD, GBPUSD: or AUDUSD:ALL, the EA opens both buy and sell orders. If a specific order type is set after a colon USDJPY:BUY, then the EA opens only buy orders and in case of eurjpy:sell, it performs only sell orders. The pairs are separated by commas. For example, the following entry "EURUSD, GBPUSD:, AUDUSD:ALL, USDJPY:BUY, eurjpy:sell" instructs the EA to open trades on EURUSD, GBPUSD and AUDUSD in both directions, while trades on USDJPY and EURJPY are opened only in specified directions. (If the parameter is left blank, the EA trades in both directions on the pair it is launched at)
  • Trading: trading type.
  • SavingInfo: save to files/variables.
  • Messages: messages.


  • MACD
    • MACDfastEMA: Fast EMA Period.
    • MACDslowEMA: Slow EMA Period.
    • MACDsigLine: Signal SMA Period.
    • MACDprice: select one of the price options.
    • MACDnoOpen: the number of points from 0 to not open positions.
    • iBarLook: number of bars to look back for comparison. Refers to both indicators. The optimal values are 1-3.
  • Envelopes
    • EnvelopesPeriod: period.
    • EnvelopesShift: MA shift.
    • EnvelopesPrice: select one of the price options.
    • EnvelopesMAMethod: smoothing methods.
    • EnvelopesDeviation: deviation (in percent).

Working with Orders

  • TakingOrders: Fixed - fixed, Floating - floating, Percent - percentage of the balance, NoTake - do not open orders.
  • MaxSpred: maximum allowable spread to open trades. 0 - any.
  • Deviation: default slippage.
  • StepPips: distance to the next order in pips.
  • OrdersTake: the maximum number of open trades in one direction for one currency pair.
  • PauseMinute: pause in minutes when closing all orders.
  • StopLossOrder: stop loss when opening an order. **
  • TakeProfitOrder: take profit when opening an order. **

  • Lot: lot size; if Percent is used, specify the percentage.
  • PlusLot: lot size is added to the next order, +PlusLot.
  • MaxLot: maximum lot, limits when using Floating and Percent.

Working with a loss-making order

  • MinusLotClose: lot to be closed; if 0, then close fully.
  • MinusProfitFactor: * for the negative order, Lot*X. **
  • LockMinusProfitFactor: * for covering the negative order, Lot*X.

Stop Loss when tracking for profitable market orders

  • SecCheckStop: the minimum number of seconds to modify Stop Loss/Take Profit.
  • InterestOrderP: breakeven percentage for profitable orders. **
  • MinStopLoss: minimum stop loss for profitable orders. **
  • TakeProfitOrderMod: take profit for modified orders. **

Take profit

  • ProfitFactor: * for all orders (average Lot*X). **
  • PairFactor: * for the currency pair during rollbacks (average Lot*X). **
  • PairHeadingFactor: * for the currency pair direction during rollbacks (average Lot*X). **
  • OrderProfitFactor: * for profitable orders during rollbacks. **


  • TrainingWork: training mode.
  • AnalysisOrders: the maximum number of orders in the database, 0 - unlimited.
  • AnalysisBar: the number of bars to process, min:5, max:500.
  • AnalysisProfit: profit of an order to add it to the trading database (pips).
  • AnalysisMinus: loss of an order to remove it from the database (pips).

* - profit multiplier

** - if 0, disabled/not used/not taken

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