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Pivot Prof

Pivot Prof is a professional pivot tool that provides full control over the simultaneous display of multiple timeframe support and resistance levels for trading and brings you all these features:

  • Choice of five popular pivots formulas: Standard (floor), Fibonacci, Camarilla, Woody’s, DeMark    
  • H1, H2, H4, H6, H8, H12, Daily, Weekly, Monthly Pivot + Support & Resistance levels
  • Mid-Pivot levels
  • Previous high/low and current open levels  
  • Custom starting hours to allow you to tune the levels to the market
  • Customize the way Sundays are calculated
  • Select any or all of the timeframes to be displayed simultaneously from H1, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and a Custom timeframe from H2, H4, H6, H8, H12
  • AutoHide feature keeps your charts clean and tidy by hiding levels that are irrelevant to the chart timeframe
  • Customize the levels displayed by timeframe
  • Customize the line styles, colors, fonts
  • Clear and easy to read labels with option to display prices
  • Customize the display options: classic Full Width; Right Side of the chart; or Timed to show from the price and time they become valid for trading (super useful)
  • When using all of the features Pivot Prof can manage and display up to 80 levels of information

Pivot Types

Pivot Prof provides 5 popular pivot calculation methods:

  • Standard (floor trading) Pivots: These are the best known pivot calculations that provide a central Pivot Point and 6 support and resistance levels.
  • Fibonacci Pivots:  Calculated using the Fibonacci ratios provides 6 support and resistance levels plus a central pivot.
  • Camarilla Pivots:  Provides 8 levels of support and resistance but no central pivot point.
  • Woody’s Pivots:  Provides 4 levels of support and resistance plus a central pivot point.
  • DeMark Pivots: Provides 2 levels of support and resistance that represent the top and bottom of the expected range.

You can freely switch between the different pivot types and display different ones on different charts at the same time.

In addition to the standard levels provided by the pivot calculation, Pivot Prof gives you the choice of also displaying: Mid-Point levels, High & Low of the previous period, Open of current period and all of these can be selected by timeframe.

Trading Pivots

Trading pivots and the support and resistance levels offered by pivot levels has long been established in the realm of the professional trader. You will be surprised how often these levels offer great trading opportunities, but you need the right package to give you the right opportunity. Normal pivot indicators offer you basic lines on a chart normally calculated from the daily chart bar, but that daily chart bar starts at midnight! Ask yourself what relevance that is to the market times?

Pivot Prof will allow you to set the starting hour to calculate the daily levels from. Daily levels are just one face though, there are great opportunities to be seen using other calculation times and Pivot Prof brings you Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Custom levels from H2, H4, H6, H8, H12 plus the optional Open and High/Low levels, and these can all be displayed at once. Both the daily and custom levels have the facility to specify the starting hour to allow you to tune the pivots to the market cycles.

Pivot Prof goes so much further than just bringing you all these levels and displaying them all simultaneously on the chart....

The AutoHide feature hides irrelevant levels in respect to the timeframe of your chart so they remain clean and easy to read and there is no need to reconfigure Pivot Prof each time you change timeframe or chart.

Customize the line styles, and colors, as well as the label size and label colors.

Customize the way levels are displayed, classic line across the chart, always to the right of the chart, or you can use the fantastic Timed feature to show levels on the chart at the time and place that they become valid for trading, this great feature increases their usability.

Trading the levels or simply using them as guides to support and resistance has never been so easily done. The H1, H4 and Daily timeframes with the extra Open and High/Low levels are especially useful for the intraday trader, and confluences of levels in the same area from different timeframes provide even stronger information to trade with.


A full manual is provided in the comments section of product page.


Owners get all updates free of charge. Just check back from time to time and download the latest version.

Marcos de Oliveira
Marcos de Oliveira 2015.01.02 00:05 

Man, it is amazing. For the people who knows how to work with Pivot I suggest this indicator!

HeikenAshes 2014.10.28 15:09 

Fantastic Indicator. BEST PIVOT INDICATOR OUT THERE. I believe this pure style of trading to be a superior one. An impressive wealth of options, functions and customisation.

ADEM KARATEPE 2014.06.05 12:33 

This is really awesome! I hope you will continue to improve it.

Antonio Toronjo
Antonio Toronjo 2014.04.18 22:10 

There are small things to improve... but Recommended 100% Good and great job.

Daniel Woods
Daniel Woods 2013.12.01 21:06 

Excellent indicator & works very well. Also awesome assistance from the author, answers questions very quickly and helpfully.

Highly recommend this indicator!

Version 11.2 2014.09.09
Fixed minor bug that could have caused issue when terminal restarted.
Version 11.0 2014.09.05
Added automatic label spacing feature.
Version 10.0 2014.09.02
Added: now there is a choice of 5 popular pivot formulas
Added: option to display Open level of the current trading period
Version 9.0 2014.07.21
- Added Mid-Pivot levels for all timeframes.
- Added Option to show prices with text labels.
Version 8.0 2014.03.28
Fixed a bug that caused line positions not to be updated under certain conditions.
Version 7.0 2014.01.13
- Increased the number of Fibonacci extension levels to 3.
- Fibonacci percentages can now be customized.
- Updated manual in comment section.
Version 6.0 2013.11.07
Added: Fibonacci Extension levels
Added: Previous Period High/Low levels
Added: Ability to choose line color for every level
Version 5.0 2013.10.22
Provided an additional Custom timeframe that can be selected from H2, H4, H6, H8, H12.

The start hour can also be set for this custom timeframe.
Version 4.0 2013.10.16
Minor update to over-come MetaTrader 5 Tester limitation with handling objects.