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Customer 2017.11.14 19:22 30+ USD   to 1 day(s)


I am looking for a master programmer that can help me create a mt4 indicator based on an (partial) sourcecodet?

I have the indicator code as text and I want it translated into a fully working mq4.

I write (partial) because I think it's not the full indicator script and at least 2 functions are missing and potentially needs to be added:

The option to see the histograms as both lines (see picture) and bars


the indicator lines printed on the chart (see picture)

An allert in the form of an arrow on chart (or the indicator) should apear when lines/bars turn bullish/bearish and when lines cross.

Would like to be able to customize all possible settings, MTF would also be appreaciated.

In addition to the (partial) sourcode (as text) I will also send link to a page with more information about the indicator. 

So the work is simple:
Make sourcecode a fully working mt4 indicator that displays histogram lines on chart.

Add option to see histogram as either lines (as in the picture) or bars.

Add alarm in the form of arrows plotted on chart or indicator,
Add MTF option.

Add as many input options as possible (Length of ROCs, Length/type of MAs, Signal MAs, Periode, etc, etc)

Developer 2017.11.15 07:23
Published 5 articles and 1 code in Library
Jobs: 98 (28% personal)
Arbitration: 50 (completed in favor of the developer 12%, canceled in favor of the customer 50%)
Overdue: 52 (53%)

Developer 2017.11.14 23:47
Jobs: 207 (28% personal)
Arbitration: 39 (completed in favor of the developer 15%, canceled in favor of the customer 51%)
Overdue: 91 (43%)

Developer 2017.11.14 20:02
Jobs: 61 (19% personal)
Arbitration: 10 (completed in favor of the developer 10%, canceled in favor of the customer 90%)
Overdue: 41 (67%)
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