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Partner should be independent yet have strong communication and collaboration skills. We think it's critical that we stay on the same page of where the project is at and the processes for the project so we can do it efficiently, effectively, and as expected. People should only commit to what they are able to deliver, because if they overpromise and we over promise, we lose clients. We are a product development agency so we are focused on the entirety of the project for the client.


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I want to create a indicator in trading view platform (PineScript coder)for US stock trading indicator.kindly dm if it is what you can do.All other details will be given to you .waiting for your feedback
I want a trading robot that can arrange useful marketing strategy and data mining strategies optimization and also uploading useful software to the website group and lastly it must be up and doing it must be able to trade for me when I'm online or offline
Hi there We are looking for a developer to develop data transfer software for MetaTrader4 (MT4) to a Microsoft Access Database that dynamically updates open and closed trade positions in real time. The solution would be to have an Expert Advisor (EA) that runs on each MT4 trade account where it must be able to send trade data from the MT4 terminal into a table in Microsoft Access Database. I have attached the
it will work on pocket option now later i will modify it for another platform and you will be paid I have a full strategy and i want to convert it into a high quality robot which will trade for me . I need a professional work . if you can do it , just give me prototype after being selected . if you are not interested to give prototype first , don't apply for the job. i will share my strategy with you after test that
LNC Index 50 - 450 USD
I have the codes of the initial index, first we will make indexes out of pairs, then create LNC Index. LNCx= (index1 + index2 + index3 +index4 + index5 + index6 +index7)/7
Hi, Please drop me a word if you know this, I would like to have real time diaplay of my accout statistics and equity growth LIVE on a website. I wonder what's needed for that but the web page has to show the following images live . can you do it? It shoudl show like this with the balance meter, all LIVE , not like myfxbook equity and balance will be continuously changing, so this broadcasting has to look like
MT4 INDICATOR COMBINER TO TELGRAM SIGNAL Input Section 1 Signal Name Blank can put any name 2 Number of Indicators to confirm can Choose upto 5 - Leave blank 3 Entry Typr Intrabar or Newbar 4 Name indicator 1 Put Indicator name without .ex4 Buy Buffer Put Buffers Sell Buffer Put Buffers Enrty Type Intrabar / NewBar 5 Name indicator 2 Put Indicator name without .ex4 Buy Buffer Put Buffers Sell Buffer Put
Fxeacracked 30+ USD
Attach up to 32 files maximum 16 Mb per upload (.zip .txt .log .mqh .ex5 .mq5 .mq4 .ex4 .mt5 .set .tpl .cl .py .sqlite .csv .ipynb .gif .png .jpg .jpeg)
Hi I am Signal Provider . I wanna eliminate use of VPS for my clients/users so that they can directly login to my website using their account number/password/server to copy my trades acc to their equity(same as in Zulutrade). can some developer integrate this website to that users can use their API to login directly from my website & copy my
Hello ! I have a project with copy trading, I don't really know where I Can make this so I'm contacting you. There IS a copytrading Platform called BingX where you can follow traders and their position. I would like to know if it's possible to link the information on this website to put it into a position in my metamask account and take the trade automatically whenever the trader I copy opens a New position. Thanks

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30 - 45 USD
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27 - 40.5 USD