Modification to current EA and a new alert


modification to Current EA - need alert only given at the high/low of the day for 1hr
for 4hr- alert given if high or low than previous week

New EA alert

alert based on a 3 candle formation 
multi timeframes -enable/disable timeframes 
when alert given - open 1 position with set lot(variable) add second position on 50% retracement set lot (variable)
stoploss is set 5 pips below the high/low - stoploss variable
first open trade take profit at 30 pips (variable)
second open position when reach 40 pips, move stoploss to breakeven and let trade run
all setting can be enabled or disabled

all alerts given - popup box, phone, alert sent to telegram.

need source code

3 days deadline.


Developer 1
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Project information

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For the developer
27 - 36 USD
from 30 day(s)