Correcting incorrect display on MTF mode of indicator and other minor additions


Hello coders,

1) I discovered the MTF mode of my indicator gives erroneous infos, because one candle on a given timeframe is considered equivalent to one candle on another timeframe.

In MTF mode this indicator allows display only on the smallest TF for which there is a positive value for the coefficient.

The values of the curves are correct for the current candle in MTF mode, but for the antepenultimate one for example, the correct value for the chart TF is considered, and at the same time the value of the antepultimate candle of a larger TF if there is a larger TF considered. In summary the values are incorrect relative to the timeline of the chart timeframe the indicator is showing.

I don't know if it is easy to have correct values in MTF mode.

If I see the indicator on M15 TF and it is 15h32, the closed candle ending at 15h29 and its value should be considered for the last closed candle value of M15. If D1 TF is considered (MTF mode) this last closed candle on M15 should consider the last closed candle value on D1. This last closed candle on D1 is the same considered for the value of D1 used in the M15 TF for the candles ending at 14h59, at 14h29 etc, because on D1 TF at those times last closed candles, were the exact same (unlike M15 last closed candles, which have changed).

I noticed the error because when I put for example 30 as coefficient for D1 (and 1 as coefficient for M15), and use MTF mode with only M15 and D1, the curves are exactly similar to the curves of D1 in non-MTF mode. Despite the indicator is showing on M15 TF !!

In addition I would like to have :

2) possibility of showing only the 2 curves related to the chart (adding a parameter, Yes/No)

3) drawing arrows on the main chart when the 2 curves (displayed on the indicator subwindow) cross each other (if Yes is choosen in the above parameter)

Thank you !


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