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//| The MACD Sample EA class sample                                  |
class CSampleExpert
   //--- protected variables - class members are available only inside the class methods 
   double            m_adjusted_point;             // a multiplier for 3/5-digit quotes
   CTrade            m_trade;                      // CTrade class sample
   CSymbolInfo       m_symbol;                     // CSymbolInfo class sample
   CPositionInfo     m_position;                   // CPositionInfo class sample
   CAccountInfo      m_account;                    // CAccountInfo class sample
   //--- indicator handles
   int               m_handle_macd;                // the MACD indicator handle
   int               m_handle_ema;                 // the Moving Average indicator handle
   //--- indicator buffers
   double            m_buff_MACD_main[];           // the buffer of the main line of the MACD indicator
   double            m_buff_MACD_signal[];         // the buffer of the signal line of the MACD indicator
   double            m_buff_EMA[];                 // EMA indicator buffers
   //--- current indicator values
   double            m_macd_current;
   double            m_macd_previous;
   double            m_signal_current;
   double            m_signal_previous;
   double            m_ema_current;
   double            m_ema_previous;
   //--- levels (in standard points)
   double            m_macd_open_level;
   double            m_macd_close_level;
   double            m_traling_stop;
   double            m_take_profit;


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