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MA_Mirror EA: Based on the idea of pramono72 I wrote an Expert Advisor for it. It may also server as a simple way to write expert advisors using an include file and very few code lines. Author: Thomas Quester
BandsFilter: Полосы Боллинджера на основе цифровых фильтров Author: alex
New article Controlling the Slope of Balance Curve During Work of an Expert Advisor is published: Finding rules for a trade system and programming them in an Expert Advisor is a half of the job. Somehow, you need to correct the operation of the Expert Advisor as it accumulates the results of...
EA_RSI_MA: This EA is based on the indicator RSI_MA. EA designed for EURUSD, D1. Author: Leonid Basis
Up and Down Indicator: This indicator allows to see the activity of the market. Indicator displays candles in one dimension. Colour is automatically adapted to current tick volume. Author: outkast
Position in channel: The indicator shows the position of the current price in a channel. First it determines the channel boundaries. The upper boundary is defined as the maximal value of High[], the lower boundary is determined from the minimal values of Low[]. If the current value of Close[0] is...
New article How to Quickly Create an Expert Advisor for Automated Trading Championship 2010 is published: In order to develop an expert to participate in Automated Trading Championship 2010, let's use a template of ready expert advisor. Even novice MQL5 programmer will be capable of this task,...
BW-ZoneTrade: The idea of this indicator has been proposed by Bill Williams in his book "New Trading Dimensions: How to Profit from Chaos in Stocks, Bonds and Commodities". It shows the "fourth dimension" of the market - it paints the bar charts with different colors (green, grey and red)...
RSI-MA: This indicator is a combination of a classic RSI and even more classic MA indicators. I hope it will be more stable and with more Profit/Loss Ratio. Author: Leonid Basis
ytg_Percent_Lot: The script calculates the number of lots to trade using the specified percentage of risk funds. Author: Yuriy Tokman
Hodrick-Prescott Channel: The indicator plots a price channel using the Hodrick-Prescott Filter. The first step is to calculate the smoothed values of Close prices. After that it smoothed again with higher smoothing period. As a result we will have HP and HPSlow. On the next step we calculate the...
EA_PSar_002B_v1: EA designed on the idea of the indicator Nik_PSAR_2B ( EA works on the Symbol = "EURUSD" and Period = M1. Author: Leonid Basis
Optimize single Moving average trading: Optimize trading with a single moving average. This indcator tests each moving average and automatically finds the moving average which fits best to the current market Author: Thomas Quester
MaEnv_02B: Indicator MaEnv_02B will be helpful to BUY, SELL or stay out of the market. Author: Leonid Basis
Smoothed Accelerator: The indicator plots the smoothed value of the Accelerator. The smoothing is carried out by four-pass EMA with period, specified in the "MA period" input parameter. Author: victorg
MedianPriceChart: It plots the bar-averaged price charts. The indicator plots a chart with bar-averaged prices. Any indicator can be applied to this chart. Author: Fox Rex
ProMart.: The Improved version of the MаrtGreg Expert Advisor. An Expert Advisor opens position using two MACD indicators. It reverts the position in the case of loss. It uses a martingale with the limited number of doublings. The doublings can be disabled. Author: Fox Rex
iCrossClose: The indicator allows to perform any arithmetic action with prices of two symbols and plot result on any other chart. It allows to calculate crosses (using multiplication and division), spread (subtract) or just to plot the other symbol's data on the chart. Author: Дмитрий
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QuickFib: Draws a fibonacci study on the visible portion of your chart, and basic downtrend and uptrend lines. Shows the basic price action geometry. Author: Jason Hooper
  Experts: Flat_001a (14   1 2)
Flat_001a: EA works at the "slow" time (OpenHour_1 = 0) - North American Eastern Standard Time. EURUSD, H1 Author: Leonid Basis
TrailingStopFrCnSAR: The script can apply the trailing function based on the portfolio profits, i.e. Stop Levels can be set upon reaching the total breakeven level of all the orders in the selected direction. Author: Vladimir Khlystov
Symbols.mqh: Retrieve a list of all Symbols/Instruments known to the Server with MarketInfo output to a CSV file Author: Edward Hirsch
TimerClosingPeriod: An indicator can be useful for traders who are working on opening of the new candle, it prints the time to close of the current timeframe. If the timeframe is lower than H1, it also prints the time to close of the current hourly candle. Author: Dmitry
iS7N_TREND_1: Trend indicator with simple smoothing algorithms. Based on the indicator trend.mq4 with some modifications. It has an only one parameter - period (use period=24 for EURUSD). Author: Николай
LoongMAx96: Draws 96 line MAs with only 100 lines of code (uses CMyBuffer class). And the idea in Chinese name, called 'jun xian liu'.(That means "Moving Average Line Flow".) I wanted to simplify the multi-indicator template with a multi-line indicator. But it means many repetitive codes. Or I...
Price Distribution : Numeric representation of how many times each price occurred during a given period, Use on a 1 min chart, enter number of hours and minutes you want to look back. Useful in determining actual support and resistance levels. Author: Kevin
  Experts: Stop Hunter (57   1 2 3 4 5 6)
Stop Hunter: This EA is based on the strategy "Stop Hunting with the Big Players". It sends BuyStop and SellStop orders at near distance from the round price targets. Author: mt-coder
HML Family: Get the High Median and Low values of each timeframe, use them all or one at a time, pick a specific one it is up to you and your needs. The family of indicators will be here for your use Author: Larry
FX Multimeter IV (demo): All-in-one trading tool. Multi-TF Indicator & Expert advisor. Author: Benjamin Joshua Nash
Double Zero EA: Double zero cross level is the signal to open position and/or close.Settings for H4 TF. Author: Mich