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How much are you willing to pay

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boonchuai saetang
boonchuai saetang 2013.01.05 07:29 

How much are you willing to pay for signals ?

<moderator phi.nuts EDIT : let's makes this a discussion. not just for signals but also for product in Market and job section.>

How to Post a Product in the Market
How to Post a Product in the Market
  • 2012.04.19
  • MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Publish your interesting applications in the Market, and they will be immediately available to all traders who use MetaTrader 5 worldwide. The Market is a great opportunity to earn, with an immediate transfer to the account and convenient statistics to help you analyze purchases and downloads of demo versions of your products. All MQL5 programs in the Market are automatically encrypted for a specific buyer, allowing up to three activations, and do not require additional protection from your side.
Dua Yong Rew
Dua Yong Rew 2013.01.05 09:45  

How much are you willing to pay for signals ?


depends on the quality of the signal (eg: ROI, DD, etc...)
Oluwadare Paul Oguntosin
Oluwadare Paul Oguntosin 2013.01.05 12:28  

How much are you willing to pay for signals ?


it depends on the signal drawdown and pips gain and your trading accuracy.
Miguelito Yap
Miguelito Yap 2013.01.05 16:54  

I was thinking about this same thing.  Maybe I'll run a poll.

Miguelito Yap
Miguelito Yap 2013.01.05 16:59  

I don't know how to run a poll.

issa_pa 2013.01.05 18:21  

in my opinion paying commision for each profitable trade is better than paying fix amount,do you agree?
Liping Wang
Liping Wang 2013.01.05 20:53  

A good signal is priceless!

Tonny Obare
Tonny Obare 2013.01.05 21:09  

Due to the way the signals operate, the fixed subscription has its advantage. To charge per trade it would be best they charge say a pip per trade. Although signal provider earnings will be greatly boosted especially by high volume traders, implementation of this system would be very hectic as metaquotes would have to enter into partnerships with the numerous brokers so that the commissions are taken directly from the trading account of the follower. The downsides are:

1) Not all brokers might be ready for this thus only those with the few supported brokers will be able to use the service.

2) Slower withdrawal by upto two months or more as metaquotes will have to wait for brokers to forward the signal provider earnings unlike the current instant withdrawal.

3) Lets assume metaquotes implements a system that wont need partnering with the broker and charges subscribers a fixed amount(Volume independent unlike pip per trade system) per profitable trade. If a signal provider sets to earn say $1 per trade then a subscriber uses micro lots and a couple of trades from a scalper close at a profit of 5 pips. In eurusd with leverage of 1:100 this is approximately $0.5 then he gets cut $1 per trade because the trades closed at a profit. Would this make sense? The answer is no.

Miguelito Yap
Miguelito Yap 2013.01.05 22:12  

I like the fixed fee too.  My only problem with that is small accounts pay the same as big accounts.  MetaQuotes should account for the difference charge big accounts on a ratio.  The raio could be by Balance between subscriber and provider per thousand.

Example: Provider wants to charge 10 credits and his balance is $1,000.

Big account: $10,000 / $1,000 = 10 so he pays 10 x 10 credits to the provider.

Small account $1000 /$,1000 = 1, so little pays 1 x 10 credits to the provider.

I think this is reasonable and fair. 


Pieter Schalley
Pieter Schalley 2013.01.05 22:17  

You cant charge for volume this way fxyekim,

impossible to regulate

Miguelito Yap
Miguelito Yap 2013.01.05 22:21  

Yeah, also the subcribers could just withdraw funds everytime they win so the ratio doesn't get bigger.

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