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Eduardo Morales Cruz
Eduardo Morales Cruz 2016.09.29 19:35 
Hi, I woul like to see opinions about what is the best time to operate EURUSD and what are those hours in wich is not recomended ?
Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev 2016.09.29 19:49  

It depends on the system we are using:

  • martingale system needs ranging market condition;
  • scalping needs flat (at night)
  • trend following systems and counter-trend systems need trending market (during the day time).

So, the coders are making TimeFilter in their EA.

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev 2016.09.29 19:52  

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PriceChannel Parabolic system

Sergey Golubev, 2013.02.14 14:41

So, we understand that scalping is very risly trading style. Besides, it is very difficult to make it manually in consistent way for example. What the developers/traders/coders are doing to minimize the risk?

  • they are using timefilter. It is not a secret that scalping is making mostly on flat market condition. So, they are estimating 1 hour or few hours in a day to trade. For example, they are trading since 10 pm to 11 pm every day excluding Friday.
  • they are using martingale as additional feature. For example: if the price went againt me by 20 pips so the other trade is open on same direction but with bigger lot size ... and so on. It is double risk: scalping (very risky) + martingale (very risky as well) = twice risk for trader.
  • using fibo and pivot lines
  • forecasting market condition in programming way


There are 2 kinds of scalping:

  • scalping in classical way (on the way of signal systems - trading on close bar only)
  • scalping traded on open bar. It is most popular scalping for now - such as tick scalping (on close tick of course :) ). Traders are using special indicators such as Tick_MACD and so on for M1 timeframe in Metatrader just to get 10 seconds timeframe in reality. It is most modentr and cool scalping right now.

Nkechi Sonia Kanu
Nkechi Sonia Kanu 2016.10.21 22:52  
In my own knowledge and experience the best time to to trade EURUSD is when the London market and new York market meet because of high trading volume one needs to be careful (depending on the type of trader one is) London market opens by 8am and new York by 1pm so the best time is 12:20pm to 1:30pm in addition, the best days of the week to trade are TUESDAY,WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY remember these times are in GMT+1
Thomas Lawson
Thomas Lawson 2016.11.05 02:01  
I have found the best times to trade eur/usd is during the European and New York trading sessions because that's when there is very big price swings. Also high impact economic data news releases. Trading during US elections, and times of unpredictable market volatility (Brexit) are times to stand aside.
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