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Incorrect version 'MyIndicatorName.ex4'

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cplayer 2010.05.09 00:42 


Wrote an indicator, compiled it with 3 warnings (2* possible lose of data and one implicit conversion from number to string).

Trying to add it to a chart I get the error: Incorrect version 'MyIndicatorName.ex4'

System: win vista SP2, build 268 for metaeditor and 271 for platform

On every new update, I get a warning from AVG which I select "Ignore" in order to continue the installation process.


Documentation on MQL5: Conversion Functions / DoubleToString
Conversion Functions / DoubleToString - Documentation on MQL5
cplayer 2010.05.09 22:49  

I guess the problem was different build for the mql5 and platform.

For some reason the auto update didn't install the latest mql5 by only the latest terminal - BUG?

I uninstalled the mt5 and reinstalled using the web installer from the site.

Seem to have worked.

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