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Trendline autotrade randomly missing in MT5 version 5.0 build 1395 19 aug 2016

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Lothar Okkerse
Lothar Okkerse 2016.08.21 16:03 

Two updates back these lines ware showed correctly.

With the previous and current update trendlines are now showed randomly (most are missing) as can be seen in below snapshot!

I did not mention this earlier and hoped this to be corrected in the current version however its not.

Please advice!

Trendline autotrade randomly missing

Zach 2016.08.24 00:23  

I am having similar issues with some of my trades.  It seems the issue is limited to trades that begin with reversing positions (example:  I am 0.01 lots long EURUSD, and reverse my position by selling 0.02 lots EURUSD).  

 Sorry I don't have an answer, I just wanted to say that I am having a similar issue.


Lothar Okkerse
Lothar Okkerse 2016.10.30 12:35  

Zach, thanks, I will look for this kind of trades, maybe thats the reason.

Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen 2016.10.30 12:38  
Please report bugs to ServiceDesk.
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