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Help choosing correct signal for deposit amount.

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jcabourne 2016.08.18 15:45 

Hi Guys,


I have been trading forex for a few years now but i am new to MQL5 and automated trading signals. My question is how to choose the right signal for your initial deposit? For my first attempt with a paid signal i was looking to have an initial deposit of USD 3,000 with this in mind i would expect to do a simple ratio calculation of My Equity/Signal Providers Equity (3,000/10,000= 0.33) to work out how much should be placed on each trade as a percentage of the signal providers trade, in this case i would be putting down 33% of each of the signal providers trades. This for me seems simple enough but then i can see the issue of minimum trade sizes if my theoretical provider puts a trade size of 0.01 would my signal copy this trade 100% effectively 3 times larger than i have planned for or would the trade be void? if the trade is not void do i then need to select a signal with a similar equity to my own account? 

Thank you in advance for any help given. 

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