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Is it possible to build an EA just for opening orders?

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Hello All,

I've had Forex and Spread Betting accounts for about 3 years and have developed a very very simple manual system which makes me a good income. 

All I wish to do is automate the opening of positions when a desired price point is reached.

The EA would open a position (buy and / or sell) if no position set at that price but ignore if there is already one in position at that price.

Adjustable parameters would need to be:

Target Price to activate order

Size of order

Limit level (stop not required) 

That's it!!

I'm quite expecting to hear that this can easily be done via the MT4 platform but I just don't understand it.

Is this simple automation actually building an EA for??

Any advice would be a great help and if anyone wants to build it for me I would be interested paying for that service.

Many thanks 

Rogerio Figurelli
Rogerio Figurelli  
Hi, for sure, you can do it in MQL4 or MQL5.
One way to do it is try to code yourself but you also have other options, like find some code similar with your strategy, find some help here or use the site Jobs ( option to find a programmer to do it.
MQL5 jobs
MQL5 jobs
Orders for the development of automated trading programs
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