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Profitable Stochastic EA - need Exit Strategy

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Prashu 2016.06.05 09:05 

hi everyone

i found this EA which works very Good in all time depends upon Stochastic Oscillator with its MainLine, SignalLine and the Support and Restistance levels. the problem of This EA is it doesn't follow trend so if price reverse in the Marget ,the opened positions can very harmful. So to make it more stable i want to add Exit Strategy & ReverseOnSignal function,here what i want

Exit Strategy - A buy trade will be closed if the Stochastic main line gets above the Buy Exit Level. A sell trade will be closed if the Stochasic main line gets below the Sell Exit Level.

ReverseOnSignal - This function reverses the open position if there is a entry signal in the other direction. If for example you have a Buy Order open and a Sell Signal is generated, the EA will automatically close the Buy Order and opens a Sell Order

So if anyone code this strategies to this EA, it can be very profitable.


Backtest Graph

Osama Shaban
Osama Shaban 2016.06.07 01:34  

How you said, it is profitable with poor modelling quality of 70% ?

Also, it needs exit strategy? means it is not a complete one ...

Sorry to say, 

I believe that chances to consider it a profitable are not high ... 

Doerk Hilger
Doerk Hilger 2016.06.12 18:59  
In all backtests I made with stochastic I had never more than a success rate of 50%. Which pair/symbol is this, which timeframe and from when to when?
Prashu 2016.06.17 17:28  
EUR/USD. try 1Hr
Doerk Hilger
Doerk Hilger 2016.06.18 06:10  
I will, thank you. 
michaelbai 2016.08.08 12:35  
Might wish to pair Stoch with other indicators.  Stochs are well known for being unreliable used by themselves.
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