For a lossing EA, if we reverse all the trades (Old buy becomes New sell, vice versa), will the new system be profitable?

  • 36% (58)
  • 34% (55)
  • 14% (22)
  • 16% (26)
Total voters: 161

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I know you requested not to reply until 20 votes (don't know why) but i must provide a link from an article that i find quiet relevant to this poll. It shows by example that performing the oposite trades is not always the most profitable path:

You'll want to look at point 4.2.

Adaptive Trading Systems and Their Use in the MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal
Adaptive Trading Systems and Their Use in the MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal
  • 2010.09.14
  • MetaQuotes Software Corp.
This article suggests a variant of an adaptive system that consists of many strategies, each of which performs its own "virtual" trade operations. Real trading is performed in accordance with the signals of a most profitable strategy at the moment. Thanks to using of the object-oriented approach, classes for working with data and trade classes of the Standard library, the architecture of the system appeared to be simple and scalable; now you can easily create and analyze the adaptive systems that include hundreds of trade strategies.
Thank you TripleHeinz for the link. I set the 20 votes limit because I hope to see an unbiased result.
Good point, my vote is No, but if possible I would vote "Yes, if I'm lucky!", because in my opinion, when your strategy fails, is better plan again. Perhaps the backtesting shows that the reverse strategy is the best, and there is no guarantee about that, but even this case you have a new strategy to follow.

About the 20 votes dilemma, as far as I know it is not necessary since we can just see all votes and messages after we vote, but congratulations for looking for this level of research quality.

Before i will agreed that reversing trade will turn into gain, i want to see if there is any EA that always lost open position. I have tried to reverse trade but it turn to lost. So we need an EA that always lost in order to agree.

  • For an ordinary bad EA, if you reverse it, it will most likely to be a loser again.
  • Only for extremely bad EA (<1% maybe), after reversing it will become a winning EA.
  • One of the most important reason for most EA, no matter reverse or not, to be losers is the spread. Spread eats lot of profit!
  • It is NOT an easy job to build a winning EA. I guess less than 1 percent of all EA ever developed are winning EA.

Most of time No.

Your question is framed in the view that market is linear.

In the linear market, yes, reverse trading logic will provide you opposite results.

In nonlinear market, your losing EA is losing because they just enter the market wrong timing as well as frictional cost. Reversing the trade will provide your EA to enter the market another wrong entry timing.

Financial market is nonlinear, the simple reverse strategy is very hard to become good strategy.

if it uses SL TP over 10 pips, we can reverse, but for aggrassive scalpers its waste
It all depends on the settings your ea and strategy

I often tried to revert losing EAs for me or some clients but most of the time it was even worse.