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WHy my order automatically close while I subcribe signal provider

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Wang Liang Vooi
Wang Liang Vooi  

Hi MQL5,

 I would like to explain my situation to you. Before I follow MQL5 signal provider inside already have 3 trades are my previous trade I not yet closing, After I subscribe the signal provider and VPS, I suddenly close my previous 3 trades, and I read from my journal report, I close after subscribe the signal provider and VPS, please give me a good response why will like that? 

Attached is the Journal and history record and all the witness. 


joournal.png 137 kb
history.png 75 kb
Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

response from users of the forum (because you are opened the thread here other than waiting for response from the service desk for example)?

just read the FAQ:

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How to Start with Metatrader 5

Sergey Golubev, 2016.02.19 16:25

Frequently Asked Questions about the Signals service


  1. What the Signals service is needed for?

  2. Who can create a trading Signal at Should I pay for this?

  3. When a free Signal will become available for subscription?

  4. How to create a free signal?

  5. How to subscribe to a Signal?

  6. I created a signal, but it is not available for subscription on the website. Why?

  7. How to subscribe to a signal from the MetaTrader 4 (MetaTrader 5) client terminal?

  8. Can I copy trades from MetaTrader 4 to MetaTrader 5 or vice versa?

  9. How paid subscriptions are charged? What will happen if a free subscription becomes paid?

  10. Can I cancel a paid subscription?

  11. I want to copy trades with fixed volume of 1.0 lots. Is it possible?

  12. On Provider's account all trades are performed with volume of 0.1 lots. I want to copy these trades with larger volume, for example 0.3 lots. Can I raise the volume somehow?

  13. The Provider has trading symbol called GOLD, and my broker has the same instrument, but it is called XAUUSD. Are trades on GOLD copied to XAUUSD in that case?

  14. Can I set my own rules of copying trades from a Provider's symbol to a Subscriber's one?

  15. What rounding scheme is used for Provider's and Subscriber's percentage ratio of deals volume?

  16. Why there should be no open positions and pending orders on my account in order to subscribe to a signal?

  17. Why manual trading leads to problems with copying of signals (accounts out of sync)? Why I cannot simultaneously subscribe to a signal and trade on one account?

  18. How to disable your own Signal? I do not want to broadcast it anymore.

  19. Does the MetaTrader 4/5 terminal has to be running at Subscriber's end for trades to be copied?

  20. Can I unsubscribe from the Signal in the same way I subscribed to it?

  21. How can I find out what Signal I am subscribed to in the terminal and how can I cancel the subscription?

  22. How are transactions copied if the Provider has 4-digit quotes for a Symbol and the Subscriber has 5-digit quotes for the same Symbol or vice verse?

  23. How is the Growth in Signals Calculated?

  24. How is the year-to-date growth (YTD) calculated, if a sum of monthly growths differs from this value?

Vladimir Karputov
Vladimir Karputov  
Sergey Golubev:

response from users of the forum (because you are opened the thread here other than waiting for response from the service desk for example)?

just read the FAQ:


Now help a new item:

    25. How to know the signals copy ratio to my account and the size of the required account deposit in advance?
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