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How to close a position with mql5 ?

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Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen  
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Hi, sorry for my ignorance.


I'm using MetaTrader 5 and of course its Editor to write a simple EA.

If I have this order running:

mrequest.action = TRADE_ACTION_DEAL;                                    // immediate order execution

            mrequest.price = NormalizeDouble(latest_price.ask,_Digits);             // latest ask price

   = NormalizeDouble(latest_price.ask - STP*_Point,_Digits);   // Stop Loss

            // = NormalizeDouble(latest_price.ask + 0*_Point,_Digits);     // Take Profit

            mrequest.symbol = _Symbol;                                              // currency pair

            mrequest.volume = Lot;                                                  // number of lots to trade

            mrequest.magic = EA_Magic;                                              // Order Magic Number

            mrequest.type = ORDER_TYPE_BUY;                                         // Buy Order

            mrequest.type_filling = ORDER_FILLING_FOK;                              // Order execution type

            mrequest.deviation=100;                                                 // Deviation from current price

            //--- send order





Ho can I close it? There is not OpenClose() or similar function in the Editor. I get the error message saying that the "function is not defined". Any help will be appreciated.


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