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Please help me ! Please. (Fractals How manipulated?)

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mimilon 2016.04.16 03:16 
Good evening everyone.

I returned in iFractals function manipulator him and threw their values in the buffer. to give print I received this data: Buffer Upper Line: 1.797693134862316e + 308

I wonder ... how do I when the graphic display the current symbol of fractals I make any decisions?

because if I compare one with another buffer nothing happens ... like BuferUpper [0]> BuferUpper [1]

or if I compare a high line bufer with low line also nothing happens.

I would like to know how to handle the right way for when you see a high line current symbol in the graph I make a decision.

Daniel Krebs
Daniel Krebs 2016.04.16 06:33  
You are getting the 1.279 ... + 308 value because it is showing the EMPTY_VALUE of the Fractal. Instead in your code use something like "if (Fractal!=EMPTY_VALUE)" Perhaps you could use a for loop to find the last fractal, ignoring fractal values that are Empty.
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