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EA Offline and multi EA

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Menion 2016.03.12 16:27 

Goodmorning traders,

few questions for you
- autotrading open position even offline (i mean when pc is turned off)?
- if i apply two different EA in two different charts of same cross, what happen with autotrading?

 - I use trading212 as broker atm. Is possible to link metatrader5 to trading212?


have a nice day

Michael Maggi
Michael Maggi 2016.03.12 18:57  


   If you use two different Magic Numbers with your EAs on the same pair then the EAs will keep the trades separate.  BUT if your bróker follows the US trading rules the bróker will not allow trades long and short positions in the same pair at the same time.  That is why I use a UK bróker.

   Autotrading an EA on your PC will only work with the PC on and MT4 or MT5 running.  Use a VPN to trade if you want to close your terminal or if your connection is unstable.  However the hard stops and hard profit targets you have placed with your bróker before you turn off your machine or close the application will still be working.

   I don't know what you mean by trading212 as bróker atm.... so no comment to that one.

   Good luck.


Menion 2016.03.12 19:18  

First of all, thank Michael for reply (and sorry for bad english)

trading212 (avus capital) is platform actualy i use for trading. It is UK broker. 

At the moment, i copy the position opened by MT5 on my trading platform (because i can't link togheder MT5 and trading212 paltform). I use PC and MT5 android app.
The question is: smartphone app open position like pc client? I saw that when pc client open position, the same position is opened on app. 
I try to explain better:
EA on pc open position -> this position is opened on app aswell-> i copy position on trading platform. This work if pc is tourned on. But if is tourned off, app open position?

Thx for patient

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