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Trading with signal and expert advisor at the same time

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Idian John
Idian John 2016.02.19 15:47 
Dear everyone, I just want to trade by subscribing signal and expert advisor at the same time. So could metatrader 4 do it? Is there any conflict between two kinds of auto trading functions. What is about if I place a position with manual trade while I am subscribing a signal and rune autotrading with EA, is there any conflict?
Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev 2016.02.19 16:27  
I just found some flexible reply on this part of the post.
Michael Maggi
Michael Maggi 2016.02.19 16:41  

I do both all the time, but it is tricky because you have to be sure your signal will not over-trade and cause a margin call.

You can trade the same commodity or currency pair if you have different magic numbers for your EAs.  If you don't know what a magic number is then you should read all the basic articles on MT4 and check out Forex trading strategies on YouTube.

Be sure to try the DEMO of EAs first otherwise you will lose all your money before you know what you are doing.

Good luck.

Indanguang Samrow Panmei
Indanguang Samrow Panmei 2016.02.20 19:51  
if you are subscribing to a signal,let the signal only do the trades otherwise there is chance of unnecessary loss.
Jay Salvay
Jay Salvay 2016.04.27 04:10  
Can someone share some material about this? Thanks!
michaelbai 2016.05.31 10:17  
If I were you I would run 2 accounts 1 with EA and one with signals.  This would also help alot in tracing results for both independently.  It would also lesson the issues mentioned above of the EA overtrading not expecting to have the signals dd/open positions in its algorithms.
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