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global initialization failed

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Wei Sun
Wei Sun 2012.08.04 04:59 

2012.08.04 10:37:56 Core 1 2012.01.01 00:00:00   Invalid EX5 file
2012.08.04 10:37:56 Core 1 tester stopped because expert initialization failed


My EA has compiled successfully, but can't run.

 log show: global initialization failed

Pieter Schalley
Pieter Schalley 2012.08.04 11:07  

would help if we knew the code... otherwise ask for a repair job at the job section if you want discretion.

You can't repair something if you don't know what you're repairing. or one has to have verry great skills.(which i don't have ;) basics for me ) 

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