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How to browse demo signals?

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marcopolo777 2016.01.27 14:17 

I remember some time ago we could filter signals by demo account and also subscribe to them, now I can found it only if the provider shares the link on his profile or product.

How to browse by demo signals again? 

(Off course I've already selected my broker demo-server at the top field, but it only shows real accounts)

John McClark
John McClark 2016.01.27 14:35  
marcopolo777 2016.01.28 16:42  

Thanks Jhon, I did it too but it still filters only real accounts, and I also want to browse demo accounts to find potential systems.

I found a solution and it is to sort the signals directly on MT4 platform, there it mixes real and demo accounts :) 

Mohammad Soubra
Mohammad Soubra 2016.01.29 12:02  

Good post




you can contact to service desk and return to us by the solution .. 

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