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Abdullah Alrai
Abdullah Alrai  

hi recently i coded an ea that give results of testing stratigies at tester only

note****on tester only

and iwant  to add it as product


to sell it in the market but there is aproblem

if i put it in the market there is afree demo version that user can download to test it...

and if it run on tester users will not buy it cause it is working...

i suggest a solution that to add this code it will define my ea version if it is bought version it will work and if it is not full version it will give a message that says buy full version

 is this code is alright???

//////in start func i put this 
///at normally text1/2 have string value as buy sell ....etc


if (mql_program!=LICENSE_FULL){

Marco vd Heijden
Marco vd Heijden  

Yes but make sure you notice it to the Mods in the description, since this type of limitation is usually forbidden.

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