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Looking for a script.

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Suleymann 2016.01.06 13:22 

Hello Traders,

I need help for a simple script which close all long and short by 50 percent for a certain pair.

I think it could possibly reduce the risk of all floating trades. Do you think so, or have other opinions?

Thank you for your kind sharing.

Rodrigo da Silva Boa
Rodrigo da Silva Boa 2016.01.06 19:36  
Market MQL5 has some utilities that can help you.
Biantoro Kunarto
Biantoro Kunarto 2016.01.07 05:12  
Please use this script
Suleymann 2016.01.07 06:44  

Thanks Rodrigo for your tips.

Thank you a lot Biantoro for your kindness and your time writing this.

Let me try and then thank you again.

Best luck for all.

Khurram Mustafa
Khurram Mustafa 2016.01.07 07:05  
is your problem resolved ?
Suleymann 2016.01.07 10:39  



Hello Everybody Here, Listen Up!

Kudos and Two-Thumbs Up to Biantoro Kunarto.

You're great man! It works perfectly and have already saved my Butt.

Your script has made my margin level increase from about 1500% up to 3000%, and then I executed again to become 7200%.

All of my losing position became bearable and eventually the sum of all my trade still positive. I killed my rest of negative pips manually and happily.

I executed your script even more so the smallest position size become 0.02, but I did not want to press more, I still keep my positive pips and it is still running now.


My idea of closing all position to 50% WHICH supported with Biantoro's script should be used by all traders who have headache on floating negative trades.

I have already proved it, witnessed by my own beautiful butt, on this very minutes.

Biantoro, you're the Man !!! Thank You Very Many.

@Khurram: Learn it! Download his scripts and try it yourself.

@Biantoro: I sent you a personal thank you message.

@Biantoro: You made my day, Man!

Good luck everybody.

Biantoro Kunarto
Biantoro Kunarto 2016.01.07 14:53  
You're welcome, it's only a little help from me, happy trading :)
Khurram Mustafa
Khurram Mustafa 2016.01.07 17:14  
yeah sure sulyman :) and me also thanking the real coder :)
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