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Need help for MT4 toolbar problem

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Taufiq 2016.01.04 08:06 

I recently have problem with the freezing MT4 toolbars, I cannot drag any one of them to rearrange.

I do not know why this happened or what I did wrong.

As seen on the picture, the four categories arranged in two rows and I want to move up the Timeframe toolbar to be in line with the others.

Please anybody help how to fix it.

Thank you very much in advance.

Jian Chen
Jian Chen 2016.01.04 08:30  

Did you drag them successfully before? The toolbar works fine on my computer and I can drag the groups without problem.

I just clicked the left side of the group and drag it. What's the version of your Windows OS?



Osama Shaban
Osama Shaban 2016.01.04 09:05  

You may be have no enough space for it ... Try to do the following ...

Put the mouse cursor on that group ... Right Click mouse button ... Customize ... Remove all time frames but keep only one by remove command (you can return tham back later) ... Close.

Check now if you can do it? ... May be it will go, may be not !!!.

Please let us know what happened ...

Good luck. 

Taufiq 2016.01.04 09:52  

Thank you guys for your prompt answers.

@ Jian Chen: It is ok before. I know normally it can be dragged, but in my case it totally frozen. I know where to drag (your red circle). Btw, I have bold & italic note on my message: cannot drag.

@ Osama Shaban: I have tried everything for customization including make them on and off, and resizing the chart windows, and also shutdown the MT4, the desktop, etc.

I have been a week struggling with this problem, and I give up so I ask here in the forum hoping someone have same experience and solved it out.

My last resort would be reinstalling MT4 but surely that's not the way to know the solution.

P.S. : Hi Osama, I've been there in Tripoli before the war.

Taufiq 2016.01.09 05:40  

It's me again to update my situation on MT4 toolbar problem.

It came to normal again but I did not do anything. I just don't know how it happened during this couple days.

I think it's just an uncommon weird situation or I am actually the weird one.

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