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tester: usdjpy issue

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mauro capitanio
mauro capitanio 2015.12.15 20:39 
since Friday I get a very poor history quality on that pair (around 20%) when using the tester on mt5 (h1, last 3 months).

Testing is impossible, if a try I get a warning message reporting the quality issue.

other pairs are working (as usual) very well, quality around 100% 

I tried 
  • using another PC
  • different time frames
  • using a fresh installation
  • deleting the history folders (both for terminal and tester)
  • refreshing graphs
nothing changed....

Even if reported as synchronized, history folder is very small (around 400kb for 2012+13+14+15) for usdjpy while other pairs are more than 5Mb per year.

I asked my broker (ActivTrades) but still no asnwer..

any idea on how to solve or where is the cause?

thank you! 

Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen 2015.12.15 22:39  
Wait an answer from your broker...they are pushing data.
mauro capitanio
mauro capitanio 2015.12.17 11:12  

Thank you Alain,

At that point I open a demo account with another broker and it works immediately so I'm quite sure the issue is on their servers.

have a nice day,


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