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Indicators: Several Moving Average

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Automated-Trading 2015.12.11 10:55 

Several Moving Average:

Indicator with several Moving Averages.

Several Moving Average

Author: Дмитрий Кудряшов

Terence Tam
Terence Tam 2015.12.12 12:29  

I do similar thing but make it MUSIC_STAVE.

That is, each of the MA get even height, you can use ruler to measure opposite part.

EMA list will be 7, 20, 38, 62, 100

Beside, make 3 calculated line with 2H-L formula to it

(2*EMA4 - EMA10), (2*EMA7 - EMA20), (2*EMA7 - EMA38)

You will wonder that the calculated line always catch the High/Low of candle, especially on week chart, month chart.

Kamorudeen Odutola
Kamorudeen Odutola 2016.01.27 06:52  

put BIG arrow when yellow cross green at close &blue cross green at open for ENTRY

put SMALL  arrow when yellow cross blue at close for EXIST


close mean close price. same for open price 

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