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Bugs on Meta Trader with CopyTime function for Backtesting.

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Young Ho Seo
Young Ho Seo  


With new version installed (Build 910),  use of CopyTime does not work for backtesting.

When I use this code line below and run on backtesting, I get the latest time for current server time for today which is wrong. For example, if I backtest from 2012 8 Aug 12:00.

The first Tnew[0] value should be 2012 8 Aug 12:00 during back testing but I get to see Tnew[0] value is actually Today's date 2015 Nov 20 16:31.

   datetime Tnew[1];
   CopyTime(Symbol(), PERIOD_CURRENT,0,1,Tnew);


I need to clarify if other people saw this behaviour too.

If I am right, this is bug after new build.

Because of this bug,  all my expert advisor are not working in back testing simulation.

Kind regards.

Stuart Browne
Stuart Browne  
If it has definitely changed for you between last version and build 910, please report it as a bug direct to the service desk
Miroslav Popov
Miroslav Popov  

I also confirm the bug.

All experts exported with Forex Strategy Builder do not work on the MT Tester.

Why these guys don't have RC releases and Stable releases? This is embarrassing !!!


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