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Matthias Brandl
Matthias Brandl 2015.09.22 02:56 

I am wondering if someone has any idea why the virtual server simetimes trades and sometime not. Here is what happend:


1. I set up my chart, applied the EA and  allowed auto trading in the EA properties and the MT4. There was a smiley face on the chart so all worked. Then i migrated to the virtual server. After migration the server disabled the auto trading on the MT4 plattform what i correct, otherwise it would trade twice. I had a great trading day with many good trades and so the market closed since it was Friday. Monday morning, the server was still on and it said it is running. After 12 hours of no trades i got suspiciuos and opened the journals of the server. It showed no records from the current day. So i stopped the server, migrated it again and started the server new. It loaded the EA and the chats properly and showed received flush commands. So, all set up. The problem was again no trades. So i switched my MT4 terminal as well on auto trade. After an hour, a sell order was issued but only one. The MT4 has placed an order but the server not. I called my friend who uses the same server (NEw YOrk) and the same EA and he told me that he also did not have any trades so far. So his server also did not excecute an order, while the MT4 platform with this EA did. Only the MT4 platform traded. So i restarted all. Migrated all again and started the server again. Now the server works and i got two identical orders, because my terminal is still paralell switched on. So now it works. The problem is the journals of the server shows no difference, so how do we know or how can we know for sure that the server is actually working, even if the journal is saying it does, you can see it actally didn't work. Does anyone has an idea why this is happening and what is the solution, or what am i doing wrong.

Hoping to get some feedback.



Marco vd Heijden
Marco vd Heijden 2015.09.22 09:11  
Use a remote desktop connection.
Stuart Browne
Stuart Browne 2015.09.22 10:22  
Personally, I'd be contacting the Service Desk with these observations....
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