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MarkChristoph 2015.08.31 13:23 

I would like to backtest a set of indicatores, for example an indicator for range charts, and one custom indicator for signals. How can I backtest them together?

on mql i saw some people writing: pause the backtest, add indicators, start again. But I don´t understand where I can pause the backtesting.


Hopefully somebody can help me to find a way testing a set of different indicators/EA


thank you in advance 

Rinor Memeti
Rinor Memeti 2015.08.31 13:44  
You can backtest two indicators if you put it on your live trading chart. Then save it as template.
Then open backtester and start it. Then click on pause the backtester and load the template at the backtester chart. Then start backtester again.

Dont STOP backtester. Just PAUSE it. Dont know the english word for it haha.
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