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signal subscription searching for provider by name ?

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reinerh 2015.08.20 06:49 

hi guys,

i am having trouble selecting the proper account to run the signal on.

when the window pops up, it always goes to the same mt4 folder, and i cant change that.

from within the terminal i cant search specifically for the provider by name. this would work just fine, i just cant search for him by name. 

its driving me bonkers what i cant search by name.

or if i somehow could select him as my favorite from the main signal page then that might work, its just i cannot star any provider from the main page.

can i somehow mark a provider from the above page as my favorite ??


thx for all help 

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Trading signals
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Aleksey Pak
Aleksey Pak 2015.08.20 11:48  
All signals in the terminal are filtered based on your broker and account currency. Some signals in the main page may be missed in the list of the terminal signals. For this reason you cant add to favorites signals from main page.
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