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Automated-Trading 2015.07.28 11:46 


24-hour analog GMT(UTC) market clock displaying in background. The clock displays the Greenwich Mean Time and shows the status of all main stock exchanges according to their schedule.

Author: Andrey Aseykin

Taufiq 2015.07.28 14:21  

Hi Andrey Aseykin,

Do you have the MT4 version?

Thank you.

JD4 2015.07.28 20:21  

I like this idea, it shows you how long until the specific markets are open and everything.  One potential problem I can see is the people who are not used to thinking (or seeing) 24 hour time.  They will be likely to think that this clock is saying 6 A.M. when it is in fact 12 P.M.

Edit:  Minor note, and not sure if it is possible to change myself within the code yet, but Tokyo is mispelled on the clock face indicator as "Tokio."  Also, a change that would be cool would be if it were possible to set the displayed time as the user's local time, and have the displayed market time bars update as well in the correct positions.

Stuart Browne
Stuart Browne 2015.07.29 01:52  
Very nice work!
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