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Template/ indicators do not open automatically after installing in MT 5, Help needed ...

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Hello there,

after several attempts to keep some indicators, combined in the template named BOKAY V3, running on my system ,

Windows 7 / MT5, I am kind of desperate now...

Unzipped it  with win.rar, pushed in the correct folder etc.

It still doesn´t work.

The indicators are correctly shown in the MQL5 folder, but after double clickicking, the MT 5 screen remains without this template.

It should be the case, that it opens automatically, after relaunching the platform.

A useful help would be highly appriciated...

Many thanks in advance !

Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen  

Which template ?

Check your logs (Experts tab).

Hello I am interested to combine folders and files of BOKAY it works great in MT4 but I want to use same indicators and template in metatrader5 ?
Can you help me or upload a link with bokay v3 ? if you want I can send bokay template and indicators for free just request me.
But I really need that template of bokay v3 ?
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