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iCustom and location.

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Lerenn 2015.07.18 14:29 

Hello everyone,

According to this article, you can add custom indicators to speed up calculation (without using OpenCL).

But, iCustom seems to take only indicators from indicators directory.

Is there any possibility to load indicators from an other location ? (Goal would be to keep EA and relative indicators at the same location)

Thank you !

JD4 2015.07.18 19:18  

The platform is designed to have all indicators in one spot, and all EAs in another spot, and so on.  Why not just make use of it instead of trying to bypass the design and potentially causing loads of other problems?

If it really bothers you that much, you could rewrite your EA so that it has the code from the indicators that determines how and where the indicators show up and work with it that way.  But this comes with it's own problems.  Namely lots more code for errors to possibly pop up in.

Lerenn 2015.07.18 19:40  
Oh, it doesn't bother me that much. It's just that I like to have a project in one single directory (with subdirectories off course).

Whatever, I'll just move my custom indicator to the right location when I'll start the EA.

Thanks for the answer :)

Lerenn 2015.07.18 19:57  

Oh, my bad. I didn't see that even if you compile an indicator outside of the specified directory ("Indicators/"), the executable file is placed directly with the original path but in the indicators directory. So I didn't have to move files.

Exemple: If I compile an indicator at "Projects\project1\indicator.mq5", the executable file will be located at "Indicators\Projects\project1\indicator.ex5"

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