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I need a Automated simple EA which does trading upon giving the direction

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Karnati Kiran
Karnati Kiran 2015.07.16 02:41 

Hi Community Members,

Can any one suggest what is the best EA for auto trading if I know the direction of the market. It should perform following activities.

It should do Auto trading with my prescribed Lot Size and other parameters for the direction of the market I give manually.

That is if I buy the pair, then it should automatically open and close positions in the direction with some profits.

Can any one give me such a EA.


With Regards,

Karnati Kiran

Biantoro Kunarto
Biantoro Kunarto 2015.07.18 15:38  
You can try freelance section.
JD4 2015.07.18 19:14  
Someone "giving" you their hard work developing a program to do that is highly unlikely, but remotely possible.  Best chance is to be prepared to pay someone for their hard work and use freelance section as biantoro suggested.
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