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I have subscribed to a signal and a virtual server but appears open trade that is not from the signal..WHY?

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Have you published a program in the Market? Place it in your blog as well - the widget will help!
seangwin 2015.07.13 12:12 

I have a subscription to a signal and virtual server.

When i am off on my pc, and I am away from my pc, my smart phone pop up and showed that i opened a position without the name of the signal under the comment column and trading other currency pairs than the signal trade.

 And those trades showed under id:20131111 which is different from the signal.

Why would this happened? Can anyone solve my problem?? 

JD4 2015.07.13 21:56  

The ID is probably the ID number specific to that trade, unless it is showing you that same exact number every time a trade of yours opens.

Edit, I found a thread here that might be a good place to ask this question of yours as well.  This page might also be helpful.

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