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MT4 "waiting for update"

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chancheku 2015.06.11 20:31 
FXCM MT4 software shows 'no connection'. The tick chart doesn't get updated. I have another MT4 software from a different company that works just fine on my laptop. Experts please help.
Marco vd Heijden
Marco vd Heijden 2015.06.11 21:12  

click on the red with green or totally red in your case thing and look for other access point.

Adam Henry
Adam Henry 2015.06.12 03:08  

restart the platform and re login. or add existing account but choose proper terminal to server connection. this happened to me. 

for your broker the server is FXCM-Real01 or FXCM-USDReal01 

Widy Prasetyo
Widy Prasetyo 2015.06.15 07:14  

Waiting for Update notification mostly cause by different server & different symbol.

example, previously login in cent account and then log out and relogin using standard account. Standard & cent account both have different pair symbol.

EURUSD symbol in cent account probably .EURUSD (using dot) .. and for standard account just EURUSD (without dot)

to solve this, remove all pair symbol and add again, make sure using proper symbol & type account.

Yudhi Pratomo
Yudhi Pratomo 2015.06.15 07:18  
great input guys
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