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Buying EA, it is mine forever, even if seller stop updates?

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Giketezo 2015.05.10 21:33 

Hello everyone. 

 I know this may sound a bit silly, but I have a very important (to me) question.


If I buy an EA from MQL5 market , it is mine forever?I mean, even if the seller stops updates/stop selling the EA?


Buying the EA I have it for "all lifetime"? 


Thanks a lot guys! 

Dr.Trader 2015.05.11 12:41  

Hi, yes, EA will be yours forever.

Even if seller will delete EA from market - you still will be able to download and install it using MetaTrader Market window.

But if you will run out of activations - then you will not be able to install EA on a new computers anymore, obviously.

Giketezo 2015.10.06 06:20  

Dr. Trader, 

sorry for this late response.

I'm very glad to see your answer to my question.. that was what I wanted to know for long time

Thank you very much for your help!!  

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