Now accounts can be funded from credit cards


We are pleased to announce that an additional payment system Gate2Shop has been introduced at Now you can fund your MQL5 account using your credit or debit card.

Gate2Shop on - Deposit Your Account With Credit Card!

The new payment system makes it easier to work with the site and interact with other member of the community. Along with the use of WebMoney and PayPal, you can also use your credit card to transfer money to your account, which does not require additional registrations. On the other hand, unlike WebMoney and PayPal, Gate2Shop allows you only to add funds to your account, but not withdraw them. Money can be withdrawn only using WebMoney or PayPal.

Fee: 0.8%

Fee: 3,9% + 0,3$

Fee: 0,0%
Fee: 0.8%

Fee: 2%

How Does It Work?

It is rather simple. In your Profile, go to "Payments" and select "Deposit to account". In the appeared window, select a bank card as the payment means. After that, specify the amount you want to add to your account.

Deposit Your with Credit Card Through Gate2Shop
Note that unlike depositing via WebMoney and PayPal, no fee is charged when using a credit card!

This is followed by a standard procedure - specify your details and your card data, as you have probably done many times.

Payment Details on Gate2Shop Website

After a successful completion of the operation, you receive a message, and the specified amount is deducted from your credit card and appears on your MQL5 account. That's it. Now you can use the absolutely safe way to order a trading robot or purchase a technical indicator on You will also have the full access to all new services of the website.


The SMS still unable to reach my country, Malaysia.

Shaharudin Ahmad
Shaharudin Ahmad  

hi supercomputer,

i also have a problem to register as a seller because not receive any SMS to confirm.

Country code  (+60 XXXXXXXX)

Peter Atkinson-Crawford
Peter Atkinson-Crawford  

I am also not receiving SMS.


Country code +61 


The problem with SMS delivery was fixed. Now we are using several SMS-providers

Try again please and sorry for inconvinice